Thrift Store Gold – Dorsey Burnette

Hey RUST fans we’ve found another lost treasure in the thrift store bins, the 1976 release Dorsey from Dorsey Burnette. There’s a good amount of information on this artist online but due to his being on numerous labels (mostly now defunct) over his 20+ year career, he’s an artist that has a small digital footprint. There are some cd’s available and ebay has many of his 45’s and albums for reasonable prices, including this one and we’ve posted a couple of our favorite tracks for you to listen to. Here at RUST Magazine it’s important for us to document today’s artists as well as yesterday’s and Dorsey Burnette’s music is unique, powerful and should be preseved and remembered. They don’t make them like him any more.

Before The Rising Sun features a psychedelic, dark dominating guitar riff and If Nashville Lets You Down is a song that rings as true today as it did 40 years ago. Showing a unique writing style and a tough, gritty timing in his notes, Dorsey Burnette’s music sounds intriguing and different to today’s ears. Definitely country, but with sounds from a person whose travels have changed them into wiser people with more perspective, there’s a uniqueness of spirit making this music. Dorsey Burnette was on about 10 different labels over his career (he died in 1979) and with numerous charting songs he had seen the good and the bad of his world, and this album exposes him as an artist tired and discouraged from the years and the miles traveled. Yet underneath there is a rebellious strong artist. He made his music his way, and many years later, it’s still as vibrant, thought-provoking and distinctive as it was the day they pressed the vinyl.

Dorsey Burnette had something to say. It was worth saying then, and it’s worth hearing now.

This article is posted with the hopes that people will take advantage of one of the greatest musical treasures of our modern world – the resale store. There is a hundred years of music there, and for the cost of a single download you can get a “real” album that also has it’s own individual story.