The Sweet Science of 7Horse


A couple years ago 7Horse members Joie Callo and Phil Leavitt scored one of the most amazing gigs a yet-to-be discovered band could… getting prominent placement for one of their songs in Martin Scorcese’s movie The Wolf of Wall Street. And if that was the left punch that caught your attention, their new album Livin’ In A Bitch of a World will be the right hook that knocks you out. The boys are back and proverbially badder than ever with this album, and it looks like these shredders are here to stay. Tough, tight and right, 7Horse kicks it old school, they kick it new school… well, really they just kick it – and they kick it goooood. Authentic, individual and uncompromising, 7Horse’s Livin’ In A Bitch of a World is a righteous follow-up to Songs for a Voodoo Wedding and solidifies their place as one of today’s premium tough rock outfits.