The Stolen talk to RUST Magazine


Hey RUST fans we have a New Jersey pop-rock-punk band to talk about today. They’re The Stolen and they are currently touring to promote their “Adults” EP, produced by Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger. These guys have a great sound and a rock-solid approach to songwriting. With them, being right on time and right on the vibe seems to just be “how they do it” and people are starting to catch on. Their “Chardonnay” music video is a winner and things definitely seem to be going in the right direction for them.

We were actually set to do a shoot with them when they came to Atlanta but a flat tire confounded that plan. Luckily the band took a minute to chat us up and tell us about this moment in their history

RUST: We think your song construction and balance of artist personalities is pitch perfect. Did the songs on “Adults” come together easily or was it a lot of studio work to make the sound just right?

TS: Well before we went into the studio to record the EP we spent a lot of time writing and working on the songs. When we got to the studio we showed them to Jesse and Mike and they made changes where they felt they should be made and we went from there.

RUST: You’ve had some good gigs and you’ve shared the stage with some powerful personalities, folks like Neon Trees, The Offspring and Allstar Weekend – how has the stage time with people like that affected the band’s vibe?

TS: Those are shows that we definitely won’t forget playing, they were such a fun time. You learn a lot from those bands not only musically, but as well as their stage presence. It’s really cool to study the way different bands engage with their fans on stage. Learning from bands like them, definitely helped us tighten our live set.

RUST: This tour is over a month long, you’re really seeing the country from coast to coast. When you get back home will there be a break or will it be back on the road or back in the studio?

TS:  We are always writing new music and always looking to get back on the road so there is nothing set in stone but we will definitely be touring and recording again in the near future.

RUST: Pop bands often complain that people don’t appreciate the work that goes into a great anthemic song like in the classic FM days and that it’s hard for them to break out. You seem to have that “just right” combination of elements – is this an effort to craft and maintain, or do you just roll out of bed that cool?

TS: I think with our sound we just make music that makes us happy. We don’t set out to make a certain type of music, we just make music that we like, and we feel that’s the only way to do it. Don’t make music just for other people, make it for yourself.

RUST: Is there someone working behind the scenes with you that deserves some mention and credit? Maybe an unsung hero?

TS: Definitely a person behind the scenes that deserves credit is our manager Matt. He’s an awesome guy who wants the best for us as a band as well as individuals. He’s a big part of our decision making process and he’s a smart guy who knows what he’s talking about.

RUST: Thanks, last question, is there any other band you’ve seen that people should know about? Who is rocking your world right now?

TS: There are bands that we enjoy who are also big influences on us. The Maine, The 1975, and All Time Low are just a few bands that we take influence from but also jam to on the road.

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