The Forty Nineteens have a message for you!

Hello to everyone! Greetings from Southern California, and thank you Rust Magazine!

Our new disc “Rebooted” ventures into every territory and border town in the garage rock and psychedelic rock genres. We’ve never stayed within the lines of any genre, and prefer to explore the fringes. The LA 60s garage rock era really connects with us, it’s essentially the foundation of the band. Also, we lived in LA in the mid 80s, and experienced first-hand the meeting of the 60’s and 80’s era Sunset Strip. John Pozza (singer) and I got to back up Mars Bonfire on a project. He wrote ‘Born to Be Wild’. The Sunset Strip trip included our influences of Garage Rock, and Psychedelic Paisley Underground, and also was home to the Hair Metal scene. It was an incredible era that we wanted to pay tribute to. We recorded again with David Newton (Mighty Lemon Drops) David is very relaxed in his process, and it in turn makes us relaxed, which promotes ideas, and discussion. He is from the same era as we are, and really knows how to expand ideas we come up with. His band (Mighty Lemon Drops) recorded with Steven Street (produced/engineered several Smiths records) and he brings those lessons/experiences to the table. He also provides his insight as a Brit, towards garage rock, and the Sunset Strip scene. It was amazing to revisit those days, while also getting an incredible learning experience.

All the best, Nick Z – The Forty Nineteens

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