RUST Recommends: The Mojo Gurus – Who Asked Ya?



Get your motor running, head out on the highway and follow the sweatiest, dirtiest pack of bikers you can find to their roadhouse, and that’s where you’ll find the Mojo Gurus laying down the rock and roll heat like a stretch of Florida asphalt in the noon-day sun. Their new album Who Asked Ya? rocks from start to finish with old-school cool and southern swagger all mixed up in a whirlwind of spicy style. Known for their sadistically awesome live shows in their Florida West Coast home zone, the whole world is about to get a big taste of their true rock and roll soul. Who Asked Ya? comes on like an electric hurricane blowing all the way across the country, so forget your flood insurance and buy this album. This is a straight-up rock and roll show, so check your square at the door, get into the groove and join the party with The Mojo Gurus.