RUST Recommends Stephen McCorry’s Gliding Amongst The Crows

-Gliding-Amongst-The-Crows Gliding-Amongst-The-Crows


RUST Magazine has been following BC’s Stephen McCorry for a while, and he has just released his debut EP Gliding Amongst The Crows, and it’s a peaceful, deep voyage that flows and rolls like a wide river under changing skies. Several years ago Stephen set out with nothing but his guitar and quickly became known on the Vancouver scene busking and appearing at the local venues. With his time on the streets and the scene, he has developed a signature style of gentle instrumentation and patient composition. His music is thoughtful, insightful and personal, and we’re super happy to see him put out his first release so the whole world can hear him. This is an artist with a natural sense of music and a unique sense of writing. His lyrics are wise well beyond his young years and he has a beautiful sense of instrumentation. What really makes him special is his individuality and how his music projects a singular, unique presence. His whisper is the one that will be heard in the proverbial noisy room, and we’re very happy to have heard it ourselves.