RUST Magazine talks to Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons


We met Angela Perley and her rock and roll demolition crew a couple years ago when they toured through Atlanta and we’ve been keeping an eye them ever since. If you don’t know about this band, they’re great, authentic rockers who have been working, gigging and now recording with an admirable intensity. Their new album sees them with more polish and style but without sacrificing the dirty toughness that’s kept audiences fixated since they hit the scene. Thanks to Angela who answered a few questions for us here:

RUST: Angela, thanks for talking to us! It’s good to reconnect. So let’s start by talking about your live performances. You’ve been hitting stages “on the regular” for a while now… how has the stage time changed you and the band?

AP: Thanks, it is great to reconnect with you! I think all the traveling and performing in the last couple of years has made us tight as a band and more connected in our vision. We’ve been pushing ourselves artistically and that is starting to reflect in our live shows.

RUST: What are some of the venues that have been working out for you? Are there a few shows where you’ve gotten the right crowd or the right sound again and again?

AP: Ooo that is tough! The venues and crowds keep getting better so it’s hard to have any specific favorite venues/crowds. We are suckers for bigger music cities like NYC, Nashville, and Austin, because there are so many great music venues in those cities and scenes, but we love smaller towns too, because we get to know people more personally. We also love Ohio, of course, because we are all native to Ohio, and get mad love from Ohio music lovers and venues.

RUST: Road time can make or break a band, what has the vibe been like off stage in the car? Have you been using the road time to write?

AP: In the van we are pretty relaxed before and after our shows. We to listen to music, sleep, and drink coffee pretty much.. haha. I haven’t been able to write too much on the road yet because we are usually running around but I get a lot of inspiration from the places we go and people we meet. I’m sure those experiences end up developing into songs in some way or another down the line…

RUST: The new material is really smooth. There’s a definite refinement in your sound, do you think that you’ve found your “sound” with the new music?

AP: Thanks! Recording went really smooth on this album and the sound just happened and we tried not to think too much about it. We did have more time to put some ear-candy on the production side of things this time though, so I think that gave this record a unified vibe from beginning to end.

RUST: What about the people helping with this album, who are some of the folks behind the scenes that had an input?

AP: Fred Blitzer engineered and mastered the album and Michael Landolt mixed and produced the album. Michael had a great way of working with us throughout the recording process and things just clicked from the beginning which was nice. We also had time to be in the studio during the mixing process which was nice. We had great communication of how we wanted the album to sound and the relationship between the producer and artist was really well-balanced.

RUST: Now that the album is done, what are your plans for 2016? Will you be taking the new music on the road?

AP: It feels really strange that the album is done! I am already thinking about our next album and writing some songs for that, but want our main focus of this year to be the new album. We plan on playing as much as we can in 2016 and hope to do some longer tours and team-ups with other bands.

RUST: Maybe we’ll see you again in Atlanta?

AP: Ooo yes! We are working on that, so keep an eye out for us this summer or fall in Atlanta.

RUST: OK last question, who are some people that have helped you get where you are, is there anybody particular that deserves some thanks and credit?

AP: I think the first person that deserves thanks and credit is my college roommate and friend, Mary Kish, that passed my music along to Fred Blitzer at Vital Music USA. Fred ended up getting me connected with Billy and Chris and Fred has engineered all of our band’s recordings since 2008, which is amazing. The list could go on forever too…for being such a small independent band, we have a great team of people working with us and a wonderful group of friends and family that support the band.