RUST Magazine recommends Zanzibar III Analog Prison



There’s a cool new movement happening on the rock scene right now, and it’s something you might not expect. The rock opera is making a comeback. Our Project of the Year for 2014 was an Icelandic album (and stage show – check it out here) that energized listeners with a bright, modern and inspired collection of songs all built around a fantastic imaginary story line.

The music world has been moving to a smaller and faster approach for years now, resulting in many bands releasing a song a month rather than an album a year. Contrary to this are bands like Look What I Did whose cartoonadelic over-the-top apporach to making dramatic rock music delivers a whole concept package of music and art. It’s part punk, and part sci-fi pulp fiction with a swashbuckling swagger and irreverence. It’s refreshing to see a band like Look What I Did complete an album that has so many layers and aspects to it because bands have not been attempting project like this since the golden age of albums like Tommy and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

Zanzibar III: Analog Prison is a creative cluster of concepts that deliver real substance musically and philosophically. And it’s fun. And entertaining. And maybe even something of a guilty pleasure as listeners today have not been used to taking so much time to appreciate anything for so long. The rock opera never went away, of course, but there’s definitely a thirst on behalf of listeners who want more from their music, and from artists frustrated with the tiny boxes that they are relegated to by modern circumstances.

Zanzibar III is also available in some incredibly cool limited edition multi-color LP’s with really nice album artwork. We’re really digging the sound of this album and the other big, new concept albums coming out – check it out!