RUST Magazine 2014 Song of the Year



Luke Elliot – I Get It Anyhow

Something of a newcomer, you may not have heard of Luke Elliot, his first EP Death of a Widow or his second EP Provisions yet, but this is definitely an artist with a very bright future. This multi-talented multi-instrumentalist has only released ten songs so far, and this definitely was a factor in choosing I Get It Anyhow as Song of the Year. Not only is the song itself dark, rich and mysterious, and thoroughly worthy of this award purely on its own merits, but it was important for us to show to the world that excellence can come from anyone, anywhere.

When we first reviewed Provisions we reached out to Luke who told us that I Get It Anyhow was a song that “sort of just came out one night” in the studio. What this says to us it that Luke Elliot is an artist with that magical ability to capture the formless and to make it real. It means that he is able to find words and notes for ideas that other have not been able to capture. And he has been able to do it at a very early point in his career as an artist. We congratulate Luke on his very fine work so far and we’re excited to see what comes next from this rarely talented artist.


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