RUST Magazine 2014 Artist of the Year



RUST Magazine 2014 Artist of the Year: The Grahams

RUST Magazine met the Grahams twice this year, once at the Atlanta Amtrak train station on National Train Day, and again weeks later on the train between Gainesville and Atlanta. After walking the length of the Mississippi river to prepare for their 2013 album Riverman’s Daughter, they embarked on a month-long-plus journey across America by rail to get inspiration for their next album. This trip took weeks and, besides the material cost, it took an unbelievable investment of heart and soul.

Without a doubt, The Grahams displayed the most dedication of any band we met this year. Not only are they dedicated to what they do, but the doing of it intertwines their lives and their music, merging the two into an expression of both individuality and shared humanity. For them, making music means a complete and total immersion in the process of creativity. It means leaving the comforts of home and creating new life experiences with unknown people in strange places. It means changing their own perspectives through travel and adventure. It means that they have new, relevant, personal things to say as people and artists, and it gives their music a unique value.

We congratulate The Grahams on their excellent music and their imagination as music makers, and we hope that their example inspires others to go out there and take journeys to grow both their own skills, and their souls. Alyssa and Doug Graham are the RUST Magazine Artist of the Year because they lead by example – literally. And to reward The Grahams, our friends at Kopf Percussion have generously donated one of their ToeKicker Stompboxes. We hope this prize will be a part of their future journeys and music, and be with them on their next adventure.



And look for them on the cover of RUST Magazine Issue #5 coming in spring of 2015!