Rob Chiarappa from The Stolen talks about their 2015 Tour

NJ’s The Stolen just took a tour through the east-mid-west and down into Nashville and Florida and RUST Magazine was supposed to hook up with them for a photo shoot in Atlanta, but that was derailed by traffic and weather. Luckily Rob from the band took a few minutes to chat us up here and give us this post-tour wrap up interview:

RUST: So you just got back from a pretty involved tour, what was the vibe like in the tour bus?

Rob: Our tour was actually done in a Conversion van! The vibes were consistently positive. We have a TV but we never really watch movies. We spend the majority of the time finding new artists to listen to on Spotify and talk about life.

RUST: Your recordings have such an intimate feel, how well do you think the band did at transporting that feeling to all the different stages and crowds? Were you able to take the different moods and pull people into your space?

Rob: I think the honesty of the songs comes back to us as people. Your music is a true product of your self expression. Live music is such a symbiotic thing where a true connection is made with the audience and performers. Something you can’t get through a pair of headphones. Whether it is an audience of 10 or an audience of 1000, we try to make that crowd feel the same way.

RUST: When bands work their local scene people get to know them, the bands gets to test what works best, and both the audience and performers get a feeling for what to expect… How was it different playing to people that might not have had expectations coming in?

Rob: From being around the country on tour you learn that different cultures appreciate music in different ways. If we are having a good time on stage, we try to transfer that positive energy. It isn’t about going to a show and judging if a crowd will like you. At first, it’s intimidating not knowing that different people appreciate music different than people from New Jersey. Someone may seem sheltered in a crowd but after talking to them after the show, you find out he/she loved your band.

RUST: Do you think you gained some fans on this tour, what were people saying to you after the shows?

Rob: I would say we have. We were lucky enough to team up with some amazing bands. Both The Big Time and We Are Forever are great people and it was a beneficial tour for all 3 bands because musically, we all have a common ground but are different enough to make each set interesting. Think it was a tour we all walked off making new fans.

RUST: Was there a favorite night on this tour?

Rob: It’s always biased to say we love playing New Jersey but being it’s where we got our start, it’s always a warming feeling to have a taste of home in the middle of tour.

RUST: It looks like the band is pretty good at getting stuff online, like on FlippenMusic, how important is it for you to get on the social pages and keep in touch with your supporters?

Rob: Social media is a great tool to reach out to new potential fans as well as stay connected with the old. As great of a tool it is, the most important thing to us is the grassroots personal connection. Going out and meeting people face to face. People will remember an IN PERSON conversation/experience far more than a tweet or message.

RUST: Rob, thanks so much for talking here, last question, now that the tour is done, what’s next? Into the studio? Some writing? Planning the next tour?

Rob: We’re working on a record this winter. We’re taking the time now to polish up the songs before recording them. Definitely tours to follow!