LYTRO’s Amazing New Image Technology

lytro product

Hey RUST fans, we have a unique story for you here. We normally don’t review gear but there is a new camera hitting the shelves that is just so fantastic, so unique, and has so many rock and roll applications, it has our head spinning. Well, spinning more than usual.

You might have heard of the company LYTRO and you might have heard about light field photography, and maybe you’ve seen some of the cool images online but the news today is that they are coming out with a new model, the LYTRO ILLUM, a professional-grade light field camera and software platform designed to redefine the way we portray the world.

It’s a true 3-d capture device that allows you to change the focus point of your picture after you take it. That’s because the LYTRO ILLUM captures a true three-dimensional space. When you look at it on a 2-d computer screen you can “move” your point of focus deeper and shallower within the 3-d space. It’s all a little confusing, but the impact it will have is to create a truly new form of art. Just like Donny and Marie were a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, the LYTRO ILLUM is a little bit 2-d and a little bit 3-d, and their technology is meant to capture an authentic, interactive window into the world. It’s something like the picture Harrison Ford examined in Blade Runner – real science fiction stuff.

Combined with the proprietary software, photographers now have a new tool to create an immersive brand of storytelling in which images can be brought to life in multiple dimensions. Because images are half the story of music, this new tool will certainly become an essential technology in presenting musicians to the world and enhancing their musical statments with an amazing, never-before-seen style of images. The ILLUM will hit the streets at about $1,500 and it’s going to be the one “must-have” item on many holiday lists.

Make no mistake, light field photography is the most important new image technology since cameras went from film to digital and the ILLUM is the first truly professional-grade camera to be available. This is not just the future of photography, it’s going to be so much more that future generations will ponder why we ever shot in 2-d. We’re going to have a lot more information on this crazy cool tool coming soon, until then check out the company’s website here: