Light Deflection Monsters EP


Attention, RUST readers, we have a very, very, cool new heavy post-rock band for you to check out. They’re called Light Deflection and they just released a 3-song EP which demands to be heard because of it’s superb musicianship and admirable imagination. We’re still mentally processing much of the Post Rock that branded the movement from a few years ago, much of which came in from northern Europe, and Light Deflection has a similar intensity and focus but is more closely in the heavy jam vibe space.

Like so much of the stuff we’re hearing from France right now, there’s a dramatic style and production excellence that grabs your attention and keeps it with distinctive, well developed music. This EP has a depth and complexity well beyond it’s apparent 3 song parameters and there is a brevity to their approach that keeps you guessing throughout. Light Deflection’s new Monsters EP is a jewel of a rocker, not to be missed!