Kenny Davin Fine and the Tennessee Texans to release Brand New Road

KDF BNR cover final

Thanks to the wonderful Rosie Chavez for submitting this article

Kenny Davin Fine is on a mission to enlighten and be a driving force for goodness in this world. He’s blending musical genres with his bluesy, southern rock inspired new album “Brand New Road” out on July 29. We’re not sure where he found the time to write and record a new album because he’s also a practicing medical doctor who also gives seminars to educate people on how to live healthier and he owns an organic blueberry farm in Texas.

On the new album Kenny Davin Fine & The Tennessee Texans team up with veteran producer Michael Lloyd who has worked with The Monkees, Barry Manilow, The Supremes and the soundtrack to the hit movie Dirty Dancing to name a few.

Brand New Road” keeps things upbeat and positive with the “The Ballad of The Tennessee Texan,” a guitar-driven, rock n’ roll story of a musicians love affair with the road. Songs such as “If I Ever Loved You (I’ll Always Love You)” will tear and your heartstrings but in a long live romance kind of way, whereas “I Wanna Fly With You” gives you a gritty roadhouse vibe, and “Brand New Road” is straight up country and inspires one to live their truth because there is always a brand new road to travel.

Lyrically Fine tell stories in his songs that most can relate to but for us “Gotta Be Good” is the most honest and simple lesson this world needs to be reminded of as it’s told from the perspective of a wise father to his child.

Brand New Road’s 12 songs travel from blues, to rock-a-billy, to southern rock, to old school country and offer a little something for everyone.