Just Buy It – John Coltrane “So Many Things: The European Tour 1961”


There are few artists – in any style – who have achieved the status of John Coltrane. He embodies the term legendary, among legends. For both those who already know of him, and those yet to discover him, this 4-CD box set is an absolute must-buy. Beyond the beauty and genius of the performances, and the intimate presence of the music, there is a historical relevance to the release of these recordings. And this importance within the lineage of music development is also ingrained in our cultural content and identity.

This is a man who shaped part of us. His music has a permanent place in our social awareness. He was at the right time and the right place to achieve artistic excellence that changed the world. As an artist, perhaps one could not have accomplished more. But time passes. These recordings are over 50 years old right now and the most important thing about the release of these recordings – right now – may not be the music, but the history.

So Many Things: The European Tour 1961 is a collection of recordings of The John Coltrane Quintet featuring Eric Dolphy and it’s a sequel to Miles Davis and John Coltrane “All Of You: The Last Tour 1960” that showcase different venues, moods and moments. At a certain point, things old have a fascination simply because of their age. Whatever the quality, whatever the significance these things had when they were originally made, the distance in time now makes them interesting purely as windows into that other world.

Here, these two worlds intersect, the likenesses and differences are exposed anew, in a separate aspect to the music itself. That’s what makes this recording so special. The music is simply the best, and having such an extended collection truly makes this an essential set in any listener’s library. Recently, it was discovered that Paul McCartney was unknown to many Kanye West fans, and sadly much of the legacy of John Coltrane’s music is now relegated to television ads. So having these materials out there will help to preserve his music and to keep it fresh and relevant, now and for the future.

Recorded in Paris, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm, and newly remastered for optimum sound quality, this release features photographs, concert memorabilia and press clippings, and comes complete with an extensive booklet essay by award-winning British saxophonist and writer Simon Spillett. This is one of those releases that goes beyond the typical star-rating system. It’s so good, and the world has waited so long to have access to it that it’s just essential. The music is timeless. It always has been. It always will be. Just buy it.

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