Jared Grabb PWYW on Bandcamp




Hey RUST fans, we have some news about one of our very favorite artists – Jared Grabb. This Illinois rocker has deep folk roots and he makes some incredibly personal and touching music. We think he’s a national treasure. He was one of the first artists we ever covered, when we were just a video blog, and we continue to appreciate his music today, and will forever. He has just made two of his albums pay-what-you-want on bandcamp and – whatever you pay – it’s worth it to have his music as part of your life.



Both of these albums, Pulling Weight and Where Do You Hide Your Love Songs? are simply superb. This is an artist with a true spiritual sense of his art and he has an amazing work ethic. He’s humble, gentle and subtle and he co-supports the music community locally and globally. There are vinyl copies of these LP’s floating around, and we treasure ours, so if you like what you hear, you might be able to find it pressed.

Really, we absolutely adore this artist and appreciate all the people that have helped him to make this music. He speaks volumes with a quiet voice and the music he makes is very special. We encourage everybody to take a listen and – if possible – support Jared through an actual purchase. Thank you!