Huntertones get Respect


Sometimes the more you say about a band, the less you say. When it comes to Huntertones, this is clearly the case. Yes, they’ve got backstories and resumes. Yes, they’re from this place or that place. Yes, you can describe them in a genre. But all these things are irrelevant because the only thing that truly matters is that they make absolutely fantastic music.

Whatever the style, it’s the quality of the music and the artistic integrity and talent that matter, and in the case of this fearless fivesome, it’s all that matters. Huntertones make great, timeless music that everybody will groove to. They’re original. They’re inspired. And they’re motivated. The result is a truly great album.

So don’t check them out because they play a style of music you like. You’ll like Huntertones no matter what kind of music you’re into. The flipside to that is that people won’t check out a band if they don’t think they’ll like the genre, so we’re not going to even tell you that. All we’re going to tell you is that you’ll like their music. You will, trust us.

And don’t check them out because they’ve teamed up with this person or that person. It doesn’t matter who they’ve teamed up with. It’s the music that matters, not the affiliated roster. Check them out because they, themselves, are good. Them. Not their friends or past collaborators. Huntertones do not need to drop names to get respect, they earn it all on their own.

The only valid reason we can give you to check out Huntertones is that we love them, and we know you will, too. We love them for the music they make and who they are as artists. Everything else we could say would just dilute and take away from that. So that’s all we’re going to say.