Holiday Blues… and Rock and Soul!


Hey RUST fans, we have a suggestion for stocking-stuffing this holiday season, the Pignose HOG 20 battery-powered mobile amp. It gets our endorsement as a quality, well-built piece of gear that’s got a very economical price, and we’re saying this because we’ve been testing one of them lately and we really like it.

Pignose makes a variety of fun, stylish gear and we’ve had one of these HOG 20 amps in our gear kit for a minute now, and we particularly like it because you don’t need to plug it in to turn it up. We’ve been shooting videos and photos with it, it’s got plenty of power and volume, and the big dial tone controls give players enough variety of sounds to satisfy on the stage, in the studio or in obscure places like the abandoned warehouses where we usually get loud.

The Pignose HOG 20 sounds groovy, but for us the “killer app” of this thing is the rechargeable battery packs. You don’t need to buy batteries, you just plug it in and you’ve got hours and hours of music making capability anywhere, any time. The combination of 20 watts of loud and hours of cord-free play make this something that will last and satisfy for years… we love ours!

Hog 20 Recharging Portable Amp