Fractal Mirror releases Slow Burn 1

Hey RUST die-hards, we have some exciting news for you, the genius collaborative Fractal Mirror just released their third CD, and it’s yet another reason to love and admire them. Slow Burn 1 further explores and defines their brilliant sound which we described as the “gaint machine of heaven” in a recent article and interview with them for their last album Garden of Ghosts.


For Slow Burn 1, they used the same transatlantic data exchange workflow, bouncing files and ideas back and forth between members Leo Koperdraat, Ed van Haagen-bass/keys and Frank Urbaniak. The core members are here supported by a number of guest musicians with production by Brett Kull of Echolyn fame, and mastering by Larry Fast of Synergy.

Luckily, one of our very favorite songs off the album is on YouTube so instead of talking about how awesome Fractal Mirror is, you can hear for yourself and hopefully get introduced to one of the most inspired groups on the global music scene.