Evenline releases Dear Morpheus Deluxe Edition


Hard rockers in France have been digging the sounds of Evenline for several years already and they have just released a double-album that deserves to be heard there, here and everywhere. Singing in English, Evenline brings an intelligence to heavy rock that is paired with great production. The concept, the performances and the attention to detail at every step of the creative process have all been combined into a great double album here. The Dear Morpheus Deluxe Edition is a re-release of their 2014 album, this time with a second CD offering 5 acoustic versions of some of their more passionate tracks.

There are a lot of things that are special about this release. The music is world-class, and it’s truly admirable when artists can take their core idea into different spaces and expand on them like they have here. Another thing that makes this release extra special is that physical media has reached a tipping point and is now fully disappearing. The Dear Morpheus Deluxe Edition is available as a double CD and it’s perhaps extra significant to hold such a complete package in your hand at this moment in music history. The case, the discs themselves, the outer jacket and the interior printed collateral are all of top quality and this album just feels good to hold, to look at and to hear. Sure, music is music and the method of transmitting it does not “matter” in a lot of ways, but what all these physical niceties mean here is that Evenline has put a lot of thought and care and expense into putting out an album that is meant to be their personal best, and it’s meant to be something more than music.

Perhaps the distilled expression of the band philosophy of Evenline is to present excellence for permanence. Their music, and the way that they have packaged and presented it here are all meant to be timeless, relevant and valuable as an artistic statement on a global scale. They’ve made great music, and they’ve presented it in a way where it will live on and be appreciated – in part – because of all the work they have done around the music. And it’s this extra care and consideration for all these other things that makes this band, and this album more special. Thanks guys, all your hard work has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated!


Evenline is:

Arnaud Gueziec | Lead Vocals

Fabrice Tedaldi | Guitar & Backing Vocals

Thomas Jaegle | Bass & Backing Vocals

Olivier Stefanelli | Drums