Dr. Z and Brad Paisley release new DB4 amp

Brad Paisley and Dr. Z are at it again… for the fourth time! For the DB4 they started with the goal of building a rich and warm sounding British-voiced amp, and to get that sound they used a 5879 U.S. made pentode preamp tube, the same tube that was selected by Les Paul to be used in his Gibson GA-40 Les Paul amp, then they drove that into a rotatory frequency filter. A cut control helps to adjust the hue of the delivered frequency to the four EL84 output tubes resulting in an original-sounding amp that has its own voice, and doesn’t sound like any EL84 amp you have ever heard.

Several configurations are available, pictured here is the head, and you can also get a 1×12 “Classic-Lite” combo loaded with a Celestion Alnico Gold, and 2×12 “Bluesbreaker” combo loaded with two Celestion Alnico Blue speakers.


Get more info here: http://drzamps.com/product/db4/