Distant Cousins breaking out NOW


Attention RUST readers, we have the advance 411 on a band you’re about to hear a lot from. The band is called Distant Cousins, they’ve got a chill am-folk vibe and they just dropped their debut self-titled EP, which is breaking out right now… while you’re reading this! Their music is a snapshot of the American cultural heartbeat right now, and Hollywood has come calling in a major way. This collaboration of 3 songwriting, producing and performing cousins Ami, Dov, and Duvid have already had their music featured in the upcoming film, Daddy’s Home starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, plus the 2014 Warner Brothers’ film This Is Where I Leave You with Jason Bateman and Tina Fey, as well as placements in USA’s Graceland, CBS’s Criminal Minds and the CW’s Reign.

Distant Cousins formed in 2013 and what’s extra crazy about this band is that they were getting recognition and use requests almost from day one, years before they dropped the new collection of songs. One of their very first tracks – On My Way – was picked up by Macy’s for their Denim Nation TV ad campaign, and now that their EP has hit the streets we all get to hear what’s had so many industry insiders pouncing on them like catnip! The secret to this threesome’s success is in their pitch-perfect vocal harmony and their relaxed musical playfulness. It’s obvious that they love making music, and their EP sounds like an easy afternoon spent with family and friends.

With catchy melodies and delightful arrangements, the Distant Cousins self-titled EP is already a hit in the arts community, and their pedigree of acquaintances is enviable for artists of any age. You really should be listening to them, like right now!