Dengue Fever – The Deepest Lake


If you drained the Pacific Ocean and smashed together the SE Asian pop scene and the SoCal surf punk sound, you’d have Dengue Fever. This internationally-successful band has been around for over ten years and this – their fifth album – sees them fully realizing the idea of what their band should be. It’s their best album yet. Merging the sounds of vastly different cultures, Dengue Fever brings the elements together with masterful songwriting and great performances. Here at RUST Magazine we’ve been fans of Dengue Fever for years and they are a staple on our play list at events and parties.

If you haven’t heard about this band yet, check out The Deepest lake and take this opportunity to hear them at their best. Everything they’ve ever put out has been awesome and this album really crystallizes their essence. Very Highly Recommended.