Check out The Davenports X Shirley Simms of The Magnetic Fields


Hey RUST fans we have a fresh song for you to listen to from Brooklyn-based band The Davenports

featuring a duet with Shirley Simms of The Magnetic Fields. Their new single “Miranda in Her Room” is the latest in a string of singles the band has released since the beginning of the year.

This release comes from the Mother West family and was produced by Charles Newman, who has worked with The Magnetic Fields and The Davenports for over a decade. Together with The Davenports’ Scott Klass, the two had been waiting for the right vocal pairing to bring this song to life and they considered an array of singers until landing Shirley, who was the perfect fit for the track. Shirley fell in love with the song, and Newman set up vocal sessions at Boston’s Q Division with engineer/producer friend Benny Grotto. The rest of the song was recorded in Newman’s home studio in Brooklyn, and the rest – as they say – is history.

So take a minute out of your busy day and take a minute to enjoy this heartfelt, honest and touching music. Perhaps you should take time out of every day for beautiful music like this? We’re just saying…