Crown Jwlz debut EP, California King review by Marley Rose


Thanks to Houston’s Marley Rose for submitting this article!

Crown Jwlz might look sweet, but don’t be fooled, she might just sucker punch you to get your attention or teach you a lesson.

Spending the last couple of years developing as an artist, she earned her stripes on the streets of Hollywood. Now with her theatrical pop-rock fueled message she hopes to open some minds. To make her point clear she enlisted an all-star team of producers in the creation of her debut EP California King (out on Feb. 23) that include Max Coane, Maxwell Moon and Erik Belz with Noah Georgeson behind the mixing board and mastered by Ted Jensen.

The first single “Without U” kicks in with a sultry voice and a riff-fueled bombastic beat. Elsewhere, “Party Past the Sunrise” is a put the top down summer anthem, while “Cool” soulfully puts a cocky boy in his place. After listening thru the whole EP, I have to conclude it comes across as a successful adventure and has a distinct sound that separates it just enough to make Miss California King stand out from the rest of the royals.

We will see soon enough if Crown Jwlz will take the thrown as one of the queens of the pop-rock kingdom but the one thing we know right now is she is full of promise.

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