Check out Three Hour Tour’s Action And Heroes


Three Hour Tour is one of those rare bands that manages to both mine a particular moment in cultural memory as well as make new and individual statements with their music. Pirating the high seas under a power pop flag, and fending off same-name trespassers (trademark your band name, kids) they’ve put out some fresh and individual music with killer hooks and an irresistible guitar-forward sound. Previous albums like Looking For Tomorrow and B Side Oblivion have presented some of the most solid pop rock tracks from any band, at any time, and they’ve managed to stay true to their core identity on Action And Heroes – all of which is admirable.

Action And Heroes sees Darren, Brad and the boys in a more relaxed and patient space, perhaps because it’s been five years since their last album came out. The focus here is on the jam and the rhyme, and their signature poppy take on music has mellowed a bit. The pressure and the energy of past albums has been stretched out, allowing for a more thorough examination of ideas and phrases. With time comes wisdom and the pacing of Action And Heroes allows for each chord and idea to resonate and really seep in, while the band keeps the same vibe and personality as their other albums. If you’re looking for a retro-fresh pop band with skills and style, Three Hour Tour is it.

Here at RUST Magazine we’ve been fans of Three Hour Tour since day one and they’re one of those bands that succeeds through hard-earned talent and individuality. If you don’t know about Three Hour Tour yet, Action And Heroes will make for a great introduction, check it out!