Check out the Texas KGB’s Songs in the Key of Pain


Recently RUST Magazine had a photo shoot with the Texas K.G.B. (Texas Kelly Green Band) and they slipped us a copy of their new album Songs in the Key of Pain, Pt. 1 which we’ve been rocking out to ever since. This tough trio braced ice cold winds and rain for our photo shoot and they have a dedication to their music that is admirable, whether in the studio, on stage or on the chilly street corner.

This is a band with smarts, style and substance. They’re a classic, contemporary big rock band in a tight package. The music on Songs in the Key of Pain, Pt. 1 showcases a unique appreciation of American rock and roll, and they’ve been sharpening their teeth on the road, setting stages on fire with shows all over Texas and the south including upcoming gigs around SXSW. And Georgia fans can catch them at one of three shows next week here.


The Texas K.G.B. Is a band worth checking out, either on stage or through their music. We love ’em, and we’re not alone, our friends at Blackstar Amplification, who made them an official artist, also respected and appreciated their spirit of individuality and toughness enough to team up with them, and it probably won’t be long before their Texas roots spread out all over the nation. If you’re looking for a rocking new band with originality, substance and coolness, you’ve found them with the Texas K.G.B.