Check Out Mod Hippie Tomorrow Then


Mod Hippie’s debut album Tomorrow Then is a loud, fresh, rebellious reminder that there is great new music being made every day – music that should not be missed. It’s difficult for any band to stand out amidst the noise of the streaming services and doubly hard for them to compete against the bulk-purchased marketing blocks of the big labels, but the original, intense, humorous and just-plain-groovy music of Mod Hippie turns the tables on the status quo with raucous jams that DO stand out.

Covering a lot of different vibes and spaces, the evolving rabble of Doug McGuire, Connor Claxton, Teresa Cowles, Mike Schnee, Eric Negrete, Adam Marsland, Matt Zook, Gil D’Orange, Janette Neumann and Probyn Gregory have compiled an album full of original and innovative music with nods to sounds from the past. The stand-out track for us, and for which the band has put out a music video is Everyone’s High-Fiving Everyone. Whether intended as an homage to Pavement’s classic Range Life, or whether each band channeled that same moment musically, Everyone’s High-Fiving Everyone is – literally – an instant classic and could prove to be a definitive song for this moment in history, culture and music.

Don’t miss Mod Hippie’s Tomorrow Then, it’s a great, fresh album full of definitive music, we love it!