Check out HIGHBEAMS Everything Aside


Here at RUST Magazine, we have a pretty cool backstory with Stephen Quinn, and brothers Adam and Ian Pendlington of the folk-rock group HIGHBEAMS. In a world where media is pushed and pushed and music journalists can feel like sore losers in a game of dodgeball vs 1, we actually heard about this band from a reader who messaged us and told us we absolutely had to check them out. That meant a lot because it was an authentic and enthusiastic fan who thought the world needed to know about this cool group.

And check them out we did. Their likeable, upbeat songs got us curious and we set up a session shoot with them in rural Ball Ground, Georgia which turned out to be a lot of fun. We ran a power cord from a car generator and set up in the loading dock behind an old abandoned car dealership and filmed some performances (see them on our YouTube channel), and then we caught the perfect light in a field of dry grass for some great photos. Oh, and just for the record, before everyone sees the new Tom Cruise movie filmed in Ball Ground – we did it first!


After that we invited them to perform at one of our showcase events at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, where they played some fresh material which is now part of their new, second album Everything Aside. This album sees the trio more comfortable with the recording process and there’s a real polish and shine to what they’ve done with their new music. It’s classy. It’s complex. It’s also original, heartfelt music from a young, motivated group of artists. Everything Aside is a break through album for HIGHBEAMS because it’s world-class. They’re on the world stage now and their new album shows that they’ve got what it takes to make it anywhere.

HIGHBEAMS are a band with a deep talent, a fun attitude and a fresh perspective, and Everything Aside sees them on a whole new level as writers and performers – good job guys! RUST Magazine recommends that y’all give them a listen and check them out at one of their live shows asap.