Check it out – Go Betty Go’s Reboot



Die-hard fans will remember Go Betty Go from two Warped tours plus a lot of SoCal and Mexico gigs, and they’re back (and badder than ever) with their suprise new album Reboot. The orginal foursome of Michelle Rangel, Betty Cisneros, Nicolette Vilar and Aixa Vilar have re-assembled and are re-emerging with an anthemic 6-song album that kicks butt, then chases it down the street and kicks it again! Strong, soulful and full of depth and intensity Reboot sounds great all around. It’s a classic punk band with a unique self-identity delivering fresh music that showcases a huge reservoir of stored-up energy and intention. It’s a confident quartet at work here with a little help from producer Ted Hutt and the result is an album that’s rock solid – and a lot of fun. Go Betty Go keeps it real… real punk rock – check it out!



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  1. Gary Mandella
    January 20, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    Nice review,. This EP is fantastic, along with the previous album and EP. Way to Go Betty Go!!!

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