Chase Coy to release Youth on June 23


Here at RUST Magazine we’ve been fans of Chase Coy ever since we heard his Sun Culture album last year, and we were super happy to get a chance to hear more from him this year with his June 23rd release Youth. This is a great, stylistic artist with beautiful songwriting vision and admirable tech skills, and he has a special ability to make music that captures the moment, on many levels. As a social observer, and as a person with brevity of personal insight, his music is sweet, poignant and memorable.

This indie-folk artist/producer hails from Indiana, and his music has become global in it’s relevance as advance tracks from this album have been getting rave reviews while racking up thousands of plays on Soundcloud and Spotify. People are catching on that Chase Coy has something special. That’s because his music is right here, right now. He speaks to the listener with privacy at the same time he speaks to all of us like an electrified tribal leader, both by tuning into the deep feelings we all share. Dreams, memories, desires and heartaches are all part of the colorful collage of Chase Coy’s music, just like these elements are part of all of our everyday lives.

It’s all about connecting. Chase Coy connects with his inner feelings and this connection links him to listeners individually and to all of us in the global community. That’s because he’s in touch with himself, you, and all of us. To be able to make those connections is a rare and special gift, and Youth is clearly the result of a long trail of self-discovery.

Chase Coy’s Youth is an album of substance and importance. It’s beautiful, emotion-filled music that speaks to us right now. It’s music of this moment, like a snapshot in time. RUST Magazine thoroughly recommends Youth and you can pre-order it right here: