Bolder Monkey RUST Session



RUST Magazine had the good fortune to meet up with Thom Jenkins, Kenny Smith, Spike Brantley and Les Horn from Bolder Monkey for a living room demo session last night – and it was fantastic. These four monkey men brought a great classic acoustic rock sound accentuated with beautiful winds from Thom Jenkins. Click the link below to listen to Cocoa Killer Puffs from the session and like the band here:

We had a gaggle of recording gear on hand including mics from our friends at Cascade and we even had a Focusrite ISA 428 MkII mic pre-amp running for this session, and it sounded great. The Focusrite delivered a really strong sound to our Roland VS-2400 and we used it to dial in subtle volumes on vocals, woodwinds and both guitars. This was our first time using the ISA 428 MkII and it really added that high-end sound to what we were doing, even in a crowded living room. We’ll have more info on the Focusrite ISA 428 MkII in future posts.




In fact we had such a good time with the Bolder Monkeys we invited them to come to the RUST Magazine Showcase at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta on January 5, 2015. Come on out and see the guys in person!


Listen to Cocoa Killer Puffs Now!