Blobfish Killer EP


We’ve been getting some outrageous music here at the RUST Magazine offices from France for a couple years now, and there’s an amazing hard rock scene happening there that been getting hotter and hotter. But it’s been difficult to communicate exactly what is going on because we have translation issues (because we speak American around here) and much of the stuff we get has no information with it, either in the cd’s or online. So there’s a lot of mystery to what’s happening several thousand miles away, except that we’re hearing one great album after another from stylish, fresh heavy bands like Marseilles’ Blobfish Killer whose 3-song debut EP is the most exciting 12 minutes if music we’ve heard this year.

Somewhere in the death-punk space, Blobfish Killer hits hard, with smartness. There’s a fantastic organization to their music and the tempo is just right to savor all the details. They keep it original throughout and showcase the intelligence, production quality and dramatic style that defines the new French wave sound.

So, yeah, Blobfish Killer just made it official – the hottest music scene right now is the hard rock scene in France. But don’t just take our word for it, you can get the new EP for ‘name your price’ and hear for yourself.