Artist to Watch: ShaManic

Recently RUST Magazine got together with ShaManic for a roadside rap session in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta and we have to say that this new artist has a smart wit, a fresh lyrical style and an individual approach to making music that is really admirable. Our shoot was down and dirty, powered with a mobile generator and completely devoid of studio tricks and ShaManic killed it on take one – twice – doing tracks Mindless and Ba Da Da Da off his new album The Artist. ShaManic deals every day with personal struggles, but when the mic is on, his experiences become his inspiration and he takes his ideas into uncharted and unexpected places. In a genre overstuffed with undertalented wannabe’s relying on studio tricks, ShaManic distinguishes himself with authentic and original ideas and he’s capable of rocking the stage even when the stage is a street corner and the audience is passing traffic. Check him out here