AJ Croix to release American Idols on April 29

Thanks again to our contributing writer Rosie Chavez for dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on this article!

AJ CROIX American Idols cover art

Most country music fans may turn their nose at someone coming from another genre and trying to make their way into country and its sub-categories. However, A J Croix stands to prove them wrong while clearly making his presence known on his debut solo album American Idols. Though he is most recognized for his time spent fronting the AJC Band that had more of a bluesy, southern rock vibe, he has clearly reinvented himself and his songwriting. This collection of songs fuses together elements of rock-n-roll with a unique blend of outlaw and old school country to offer something exciting and fresh to the Americana genre. The storytelling balances against themes of love, life, and the tough lessons learned along the way. While the depth filled lyrics are the true focus of this album, it’s Croix ragged by right vocals that add that extra honest punch to the songs to give them the emotion that they need. AJ delivers a listening experience that feels like you are catching up with an old friend. Produced and mixed by Malcolm Burn who also worked with Emmylou Harris and Bob Dylan, American Idols is slated for release on April 29 through Creative Entertainment Network (CEN)/RED Distribution.