A Special Message for Director Richard Donner

Dear Mr. Donner, would you please consider putting Sarah Dooley’s song “Watching Goonies At My House” in the sequel Goonies 2. Surely you have many people contributing to the next movie but we think that this song is both honest in it’s affection for your work, and honors the magical emotional connection that you, the crew and cast members made with audiences in the original movie. Years later it continues to inspire many people, including Sarah and she recorded this song a few years ago, long before there was talk of a sequel. Here at RUST Magazine we think Sarah Dooley is an original and talented artist whose songs capture a similar youthful enthusiasm as Goonies and we feel that it would be a great choice for adding to the Goonies 2 music.


It’s special when one artist honors another without thought of reward. This is the case here. Sarah Dooley’s authentic enthusiasm shines through in this song and it would – in our opinion – be freakin’ awesome if she could see her name in lights as part of the sequel. Would you at least hear her out and take a listen to the song? We think you’ll love it just like we do.

Thank you!

Get in touch with Sarah here: https://www.facebook.com/sarahdooleymusic/