A Love Letter to TG and the Swampbusters


Here at RUST Magazine we liked roots-rocker Tim Gibbons’ new project so much, we actually wrote him a love letter instead of a review:
Dear TG and the Swampbusters,

We love you. You are so cool. We love the way you play guitar and we love your funky down-low beats. We love the way you keep it so real, and we love how you write your songs. We love your swagger and your style and we love your new CD Swamp Tooth Comb.

You are our very favorite roots rockers. We listen to your album all day long and at night and we play it in the car and we nod our heads up and down while we drive down the road. We told all the other kids at school about it too! We think you are awesome.

So, if you’re not dating another music magazine, can we go steady?

Love, RUST Magazine