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The Andrea Colburn Band LIVE Highway 9

Great big giant thanks to The Andrea Colburn Band for playing for us at Gunstreet Goods in Atlanta Georgia recently. This session features mics from Lewitt and Cascade Microphones. There’s another video on our YouTube page and photos from this session on our Flickr page.

The Andrea Colburn Band is:

Andrea Colburn – Larrivee OM-3 Acoustic Guitar

Christopher Salmon – Recording King RK-35 Banjo; Fiddle is an antique, make unknown

Nate Elliscu – Ortega Guitars RMF100AVO Mandolin and a Big Stubby Pick

Robert Green – Knilling upright bass, Ampeg rig

Zack Smith – Tama Drum Kit


Ibanez Troubador T80N Acoustic Guitar Amp

Ortega Guitars RMF100AVO Mandolin

Microphones provided by

Hadar Noiberg Trio performs Song for Georgie

RUST Magazine wants to thank The Hadar Noiberg Trio for taking time out of their very busy schedule to perform for our cameras at the Inman Park Moishe House in Atlanta in conjunction with the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival. Special thanks to Russell Gottschalk for making it all happen and Lewitt Audio and Cascade Microphones for providing mics.

The Hadar Noiberg Trio is: Flute and composition: Hadar Noiberg, Double Bass: Haggai Cohen Milo, Percussion: Ofri Nehemya

Lewitt Microphones

Cascade Microphones

Brian Cameron and the Ortega Guitars RMF100AVO Mandolin

Thanks to Brian Cameron for showing us a few sounds with Ortega Guitar’s top-of-the-line RMF100AVO Mandolin! We met up with Brian in Locust Grove, Georgia on March 15, 2016 and handed him this instrument just a few minutes before the cameras rolled. We’ll have more info about this awesome instrument coming up in future videos. Recorded with a Lewitt Audio LCT 940 mic.

The Dollyrots drop Family Vacation


Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles is the new dual dvd-cd-dl recorded on The Dollyrots 2015 summer tour. If you haven’t heard about this band, or if you don’t know much about them, one of the main things makes them special is that their fans LOVE them. Really love them. Like love them to death. And they love them back.

Seriously, they get – and give back – mad love every time they hit the stage or the studio. Regulars on the Van’s Warped Tour for years, The Dollyrots kick it old school and bring a unique harmonic richness to rebellious music. Pop meets punk in a collision of cool personalities. Fans of the band have been thirsting for a deluxe live album and the band has delivered it here in fine style. If you’ve seen The Dollyrots on stage you already know how they rock it, and now their awesome live assault has been distilled and served up for the rest of us.

This set is also extra awesome as it’s a well-packaged dual disc including a booklet. It’s one of those “things” that a cool “thing.” With more bands going to digital singles, Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles is a full serving of hot rock and roll, made with love that will leave a lasting impression on fans of The Dollyrots, both old and new.

Carly Gibson photo shoot


Thanks to the very talented (and beautiful) Carly Gibson for taking the time to pose for our cameras on March 9th 2016. And thanks to Ortega Guitars for providing their amazing RFF100AVO Mandolin. It was too windy to record that day but we’ll have more coming soon about this fantastic instrument. Carly plays with several groups including The Pussywillows and Gibson-Wilbanks and we’ll be featuring her again for some audio recording, so stay tuned!

See more photos HERE!

John Pippus releases new Digital 45 USB single


John Pippus has been crafting micro-brewed blues for years now and he’s one of our favorite artists because he brings a personal style and enthusiasm to everything he does. At ease with himself and his style, he has just released a single with a unique collectibility. It’s a USB drive with his original song Bring Me Some Whiskey along with his version of Robert Johnson’s Stop Breaking Down as the B side packaged like a tiny vinyl single.


Finding a way to get music into the ears of fans, while making it financially practical is a challenge that artists today are struggling with, and John Pippus has come up with a cool format. Fans want the convenience of digital music, but they also want some “thing” to have in their music collection and the Digital 45 satisfies both those desires. Available on Bandcamp for $4.99.

Official Video Premiere to Dd from Sabbatical Year

Hey RUST readers, today is an awesome day for us because we have an official video debut from an Atlanta-Nashville band called Sabbatical Year. The song Dd comes off their third album SYre which features reworked versions of their classic songs. We really like this band’s sound and they’ve put forward a compelling visual to their music here. This is an example of talented musicians excelling during a very trying time for the “music industry” and it showcases a dedication and inspiration that resounds with us in a very personal way.

Music is meant to inspire us and to give us an understanding of ourselves, our world and all the things that make up our complex lives. There are more people making better music every day, and though it’s hard to cut through all the noise online, artists like Sabbatical Year are worth seeking out and embracing. So please, check them out, give them a like and a share, and help support people working to make our world a more vibrant and beautiful place.