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Fractal Mirror releases Slow Burn 1

Hey RUST die-hards, we have some exciting news for you, the genius collaborative Fractal Mirror just released their third CD, and it’s yet another reason to love and admire them. Slow Burn 1 further explores and defines their brilliant sound which we described as the “gaint machine of heaven” in a recent article and interview with them for their last album Garden of Ghosts.


For Slow Burn 1, they used the same transatlantic data exchange workflow, bouncing files and ideas back and forth between members Leo Koperdraat, Ed van Haagen-bass/keys and Frank Urbaniak. The core members are here supported by a number of guest musicians with production by Brett Kull of Echolyn fame, and mastering by Larry Fast of Synergy.

Luckily, one of our very favorite songs off the album is on YouTube so instead of talking about how awesome Fractal Mirror is, you can hear for yourself and hopefully get introduced to one of the most inspired groups on the global music scene.

The Sweet Science of 7Horse


A couple years ago 7Horse members Joie Callo and Phil Leavitt scored one of the most amazing gigs a yet-to-be discovered band could… getting prominent placement for one of their songs in Martin Scorcese’s movie The Wolf of Wall Street. And if that was the left punch that caught your attention, their new album Livin’ In A Bitch of a World will be the right hook that knocks you out. The boys are back and proverbially badder than ever with this album, and it looks like these shredders are here to stay. Tough, tight and right, 7Horse kicks it old school, they kick it new school… well, really they just kick it – and they kick it goooood. Authentic, individual and uncompromising, 7Horse’s Livin’ In A Bitch of a World is a righteous follow-up to Songs for a Voodoo Wedding and solidifies their place as one of today’s premium tough rock outfits.

AJ Croix to release American Idols on April 29

Thanks again to our contributing writer Rosie Chavez for dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on this article!

AJ CROIX American Idols cover art

Most country music fans may turn their nose at someone coming from another genre and trying to make their way into country and its sub-categories. However, A J Croix stands to prove them wrong while clearly making his presence known on his debut solo album American Idols. Though he is most recognized for his time spent fronting the AJC Band that had more of a bluesy, southern rock vibe, he has clearly reinvented himself and his songwriting. This collection of songs fuses together elements of rock-n-roll with a unique blend of outlaw and old school country to offer something exciting and fresh to the Americana genre. The storytelling balances against themes of love, life, and the tough lessons learned along the way. While the depth filled lyrics are the true focus of this album, it’s Croix ragged by right vocals that add that extra honest punch to the songs to give them the emotion that they need. AJ delivers a listening experience that feels like you are catching up with an old friend. Produced and mixed by Malcolm Burn who also worked with Emmylou Harris and Bob Dylan, American Idols is slated for release on April 29 through Creative Entertainment Network (CEN)/RED Distribution.

The Forty Nineteens have a message for you!

Hello to everyone! Greetings from Southern California, and thank you Rust Magazine!

Our new disc “Rebooted” ventures into every territory and border town in the garage rock and psychedelic rock genres. We’ve never stayed within the lines of any genre, and prefer to explore the fringes. The LA 60s garage rock era really connects with us, it’s essentially the foundation of the band. Also, we lived in LA in the mid 80s, and experienced first-hand the meeting of the 60’s and 80’s era Sunset Strip. John Pozza (singer) and I got to back up Mars Bonfire on a project. He wrote ‘Born to Be Wild’. The Sunset Strip trip included our influences of Garage Rock, and Psychedelic Paisley Underground, and also was home to the Hair Metal scene. It was an incredible era that we wanted to pay tribute to. We recorded again with David Newton (Mighty Lemon Drops) David is very relaxed in his process, and it in turn makes us relaxed, which promotes ideas, and discussion. He is from the same era as we are, and really knows how to expand ideas we come up with. His band (Mighty Lemon Drops) recorded with Steven Street (produced/engineered several Smiths records) and he brings those lessons/experiences to the table. He also provides his insight as a Brit, towards garage rock, and the Sunset Strip scene. It was amazing to revisit those days, while also getting an incredible learning experience.

All the best, Nick Z – The Forty Nineteens

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Dr. Z and Brad Paisley release new DB4 amp

Brad Paisley and Dr. Z are at it again… for the fourth time! For the DB4 they started with the goal of building a rich and warm sounding British-voiced amp, and to get that sound they used a 5879 U.S. made pentode preamp tube, the same tube that was selected by Les Paul to be used in his Gibson GA-40 Les Paul amp, then they drove that into a rotatory frequency filter. A cut control helps to adjust the hue of the delivered frequency to the four EL84 output tubes resulting in an original-sounding amp that has its own voice, and doesn’t sound like any EL84 amp you have ever heard.

Several configurations are available, pictured here is the head, and you can also get a 1×12 “Classic-Lite” combo loaded with a Celestion Alnico Gold, and 2×12 “Bluesbreaker” combo loaded with two Celestion Alnico Blue speakers.


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Bring Me Home debut track from AJ Croix

RUST Magazine is proud to debut the new track Bring Me Home from outlaw rocker AJ Croix, whose first solo album American Idols will be released April 29th. What makes AJ Croix special is that he brings an authenticity and a depth to his music that really speaks from his heart to yours. His music and his heart wander the back roads of America with tales of life, love and loss playing out like an easy rolling stream. AJ Croix knows the wisdom of music, and the magic of being human, and he has combined them into beautiful songs that carry your imagination aloft.