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Check out the Texas KGB’s Songs in the Key of Pain


Recently RUST Magazine had a photo shoot with the Texas K.G.B. (Texas Kelly Green Band) and they slipped us a copy of their new album Songs in the Key of Pain, Pt. 1 which we’ve been rocking out to ever since. This tough trio braced ice cold winds and rain for our photo shoot and they have a dedication to their music that is admirable, whether in the studio, on stage or on the chilly street corner.

This is a band with smarts, style and substance. They’re a classic, contemporary big rock band in a tight package. The music on Songs in the Key of Pain, Pt. 1 showcases a unique appreciation of American rock and roll, and they’ve been sharpening their teeth on the road, setting stages on fire with shows all over Texas and the south including upcoming gigs around SXSW. And Georgia fans can catch them at one of three shows next week here.


The Texas K.G.B. Is a band worth checking out, either on stage or through their music. We love ’em, and we’re not alone, our friends at Blackstar Amplification, who made them an official artist, also respected and appreciated their spirit of individuality and toughness enough to team up with them, and it probably won’t be long before their Texas roots spread out all over the nation. If you’re looking for a rocking new band with originality, substance and coolness, you’ve found them with the Texas K.G.B.

Evenline releases Dear Morpheus Deluxe Edition


Hard rockers in France have been digging the sounds of Evenline for several years already and they have just released a double-album that deserves to be heard there, here and everywhere. Singing in English, Evenline brings an intelligence to heavy rock that is paired with great production. The concept, the performances and the attention to detail at every step of the creative process have all been combined into a great double album here. The Dear Morpheus Deluxe Edition is a re-release of their 2014 album, this time with a second CD offering 5 acoustic versions of some of their more passionate tracks.

There are a lot of things that are special about this release. The music is world-class, and it’s truly admirable when artists can take their core idea into different spaces and expand on them like they have here. Another thing that makes this release extra special is that physical media has reached a tipping point and is now fully disappearing. The Dear Morpheus Deluxe Edition is available as a double CD and it’s perhaps extra significant to hold such a complete package in your hand at this moment in music history. The case, the discs themselves, the outer jacket and the interior printed collateral are all of top quality and this album just feels good to hold, to look at and to hear. Sure, music is music and the method of transmitting it does not “matter” in a lot of ways, but what all these physical niceties mean here is that Evenline has put a lot of thought and care and expense into putting out an album that is meant to be their personal best, and it’s meant to be something more than music.

Perhaps the distilled expression of the band philosophy of Evenline is to present excellence for permanence. Their music, and the way that they have packaged and presented it here are all meant to be timeless, relevant and valuable as an artistic statement on a global scale. They’ve made great music, and they’ve presented it in a way where it will live on and be appreciated – in part – because of all the work they have done around the music. And it’s this extra care and consideration for all these other things that makes this band, and this album more special. Thanks guys, all your hard work has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated!


Evenline is:

Arnaud Gueziec | Lead Vocals

Fabrice Tedaldi | Guitar & Backing Vocals

Thomas Jaegle | Bass & Backing Vocals

Olivier Stefanelli | Drums

Kara Claudy session at Kiwi Vintage

On February 13, 2016 RUST Magazine filmed a session at Kiwi Vintage and Green Home Market in Atlanta featuring the very talented Kara Claudy, along with some of her friends. It was a really special moment, and it was the most complex shoot we’ve attempted yet. The results are three videos, all shot in one take, that you can see on our YouTube channel.

This multitrack recording was completed using mics and audio equipment from several companies and features the Lewitt LCT 940 on Kara’s vocals, set to all tube. We encourage you all to check out this talented artist and the companies who helped make this event a success. Thank you all!

Kiwi Vintage and Green Home Market

Lewitt Microphones

Cascade Microphones

Cloud Microphones

KOPF Percussion

Johnny A. at Eddie’s Attic February 21st


Hey RUST fans in the Atlanta area, on February 21st the legendary modern guitar virtuoso Johnny A. will be playing at Eddie’s Attic. This is a show not to be missed! Johnny A. delivers something special with his music, and it’s not just technical talent or an exemplary style. It’s heart. He’s one of those performers that stands out because he is capable of taking music beyond where one can imagine it going. He’s a trailblazer with a gentle touch and an ability to find new ideas in familiar things.

And it’s in the intimate, personal spaces like Eddie’s Attic where an artist like Johnny A. can shine. Just big enough to have a sense of “crowd” but small enough to provide an incomparable closeness to the artist, this show will be worth the drive if you’re anywhere in the region. Almost as well known as the artists himself, in music circles, is his Gibson Custom Johnny A. Signature guitar. First introduced in 2003, this guitar continues to be one of it’s most popular models, and some of the other models are for people like Peter Frampton, Ron Wood, Joe Bonomassa and Alex Lifeson.

So please come see Johnny A. and his guitar, and us, at Eddie’s Attic on February 21st at 8:00pm.

RUST Magazine talks to Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons


We met Angela Perley and her rock and roll demolition crew a couple years ago when they toured through Atlanta and we’ve been keeping an eye them ever since. If you don’t know about this band, they’re great, authentic rockers who have been working, gigging and now recording with an admirable intensity. Their new album sees them with more polish and style but without sacrificing the dirty toughness that’s kept audiences fixated since they hit the scene. Thanks to Angela who answered a few questions for us here:

RUST: Angela, thanks for talking to us! It’s good to reconnect. So let’s start by talking about your live performances. You’ve been hitting stages “on the regular” for a while now… how has the stage time changed you and the band?

AP: Thanks, it is great to reconnect with you! I think all the traveling and performing in the last couple of years has made us tight as a band and more connected in our vision. We’ve been pushing ourselves artistically and that is starting to reflect in our live shows.

RUST: What are some of the venues that have been working out for you? Are there a few shows where you’ve gotten the right crowd or the right sound again and again?

AP: Ooo that is tough! The venues and crowds keep getting better so it’s hard to have any specific favorite venues/crowds. We are suckers for bigger music cities like NYC, Nashville, and Austin, because there are so many great music venues in those cities and scenes, but we love smaller towns too, because we get to know people more personally. We also love Ohio, of course, because we are all native to Ohio, and get mad love from Ohio music lovers and venues.

RUST: Road time can make or break a band, what has the vibe been like off stage in the car? Have you been using the road time to write?

AP: In the van we are pretty relaxed before and after our shows. We to listen to music, sleep, and drink coffee pretty much.. haha. I haven’t been able to write too much on the road yet because we are usually running around but I get a lot of inspiration from the places we go and people we meet. I’m sure those experiences end up developing into songs in some way or another down the line…

RUST: The new material is really smooth. There’s a definite refinement in your sound, do you think that you’ve found your “sound” with the new music?

AP: Thanks! Recording went really smooth on this album and the sound just happened and we tried not to think too much about it. We did have more time to put some ear-candy on the production side of things this time though, so I think that gave this record a unified vibe from beginning to end.

RUST: What about the people helping with this album, who are some of the folks behind the scenes that had an input?

AP: Fred Blitzer engineered and mastered the album and Michael Landolt mixed and produced the album. Michael had a great way of working with us throughout the recording process and things just clicked from the beginning which was nice. We also had time to be in the studio during the mixing process which was nice. We had great communication of how we wanted the album to sound and the relationship between the producer and artist was really well-balanced.

RUST: Now that the album is done, what are your plans for 2016? Will you be taking the new music on the road?

AP: It feels really strange that the album is done! I am already thinking about our next album and writing some songs for that, but want our main focus of this year to be the new album. We plan on playing as much as we can in 2016 and hope to do some longer tours and team-ups with other bands.

RUST: Maybe we’ll see you again in Atlanta?

AP: Ooo yes! We are working on that, so keep an eye out for us this summer or fall in Atlanta.

RUST: OK last question, who are some people that have helped you get where you are, is there anybody particular that deserves some thanks and credit?

AP: I think the first person that deserves thanks and credit is my college roommate and friend, Mary Kish, that passed my music along to Fred Blitzer at Vital Music USA. Fred ended up getting me connected with Billy and Chris and Fred has engineered all of our band’s recordings since 2008, which is amazing. The list could go on forever too…for being such a small independent band, we have a great team of people working with us and a wonderful group of friends and family that support the band.

Crown Jwlz debut EP, California King review by Marley Rose


Thanks to Houston’s Marley Rose for submitting this article!

Crown Jwlz might look sweet, but don’t be fooled, she might just sucker punch you to get your attention or teach you a lesson.

Spending the last couple of years developing as an artist, she earned her stripes on the streets of Hollywood. Now with her theatrical pop-rock fueled message she hopes to open some minds. To make her point clear she enlisted an all-star team of producers in the creation of her debut EP California King (out on Feb. 23) that include Max Coane, Maxwell Moon and Erik Belz with Noah Georgeson behind the mixing board and mastered by Ted Jensen.

The first single “Without U” kicks in with a sultry voice and a riff-fueled bombastic beat. Elsewhere, “Party Past the Sunrise” is a put the top down summer anthem, while “Cool” soulfully puts a cocky boy in his place. After listening thru the whole EP, I have to conclude it comes across as a successful adventure and has a distinct sound that separates it just enough to make Miss California King stand out from the rest of the royals.

We will see soon enough if Crown Jwlz will take the thrown as one of the queens of the pop-rock kingdom but the one thing we know right now is she is full of promise.

More info here: