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New music video Colourblind from Hands Like Houses

Attention RUST readers, we have a new music video for you from Australia’s Hands Like Houses. It’s a rocker, and we’re all about it! The song is “Colourblind” and the word on the streets is that their new album Dissonants (available February 26th) is going to be a game-changer for them. All the elements are in place for them to break out in a big way, on a global scale. They’ve got a dedicated fan base and this could be their moment to grow that exponentially. This new music video could be the spark that sets them ablaze and we encourage y’all to check them out.

But don’t just take our word for it. We found out something pretty amazing about this band on Their last 2 albums (2013’s Unimagine and 2012’s Ground Dweller) each have five-star ratings from fans. Quotes from their reviews include “Ridiculously Good” and “ABSOLUTELY LOVE” and “Fantastic Album” so people have been excited about this band for a while now, and we’re happy to help spread the word about them. So watch the video now and get more info on the band here:

Soul Asylum – Change Of Fortune album review by Benjie Gordon

This young Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata) stole the iPhone of a tourist that wanted to take a closeup shot.

Hey RUST fans we have a submitted article here from Benjie Gordon, a cool cat in Cali. He got his mitts on an advance copy of Soul Asylum’s new record, and we’re big fans of the band here, so this review is music to our ears. The album drops on March 18th so mark your calendars! Also, we interviewed David Pirner the last time the band toured through our area and you can check out that interview HERE

Let’s be honest about one thing here, as a band Soul Asylum never really get the respect they deserve. Sure, they’ve sold more records then any other rock band from Minneapolis, but when the stories of Minny rock are written the first names mentioned are always The Replacements and Husker Du. Meanwhile, Soul Asylum are the only one of the three bands that has never given up and has continued to write, record, and tour for over 30 years now.

But don’t get me started… While 2012’s Delayed Reaction was a “cleaning out the closet” sort of record (some of the songs from DR date back to the Grave Dancers Union era), Change Of Fortune feels like both a fresh start and a classic Soul Asylum record. All the elements are there – the classic rock riffs filtered through punk rock energy, Dave Pirner’s soulful yet ragged vocals and clever lyrical turns of phrase, and themes the common man can always relate to (Doomsday, anyone?).

Lead single “Supersonic” is a fine start, a 3 ½ minute punch of power-pop perfection, but it’s “Moonshine”, “Don’t Bother Me”, and the aforementioned “Doomsday” that keep me coming back again and again. “Don’t Bother Me” harkens back to the country-tinged rock of “I Did My Best” and opens with one of David Pirner’s simplest yet best “Pirnerisms” to date (“She took her time, then she took mine”). “Moonshine” starts as a whisper and ends with a scream while wondering aloud, “are we having a good time, or is it just the moonshine?” Well, whatever it is, it’s a good time.

And there are plenty of good times to be had on Change Of Fortune, even if one of them (“Morgan’s Dog”) is literally about a kid accidentally shooting his own dog. But there’s really not a clunker on the record, every track has its place and feels like it needs to be there to complete the journey. By the time the final track (“Cool”) rings out, you may in fact be asking yourself “am I cool enough” to like this record? But liking Soul Asylum was never about being “cool” in the first place, it was always just about the songs. And the songs are all here.

by Benjie Gordon

The Blackstar Artist 30 Combo review by Brian Cameron


RUST Magazine recently doled out our Blackstar Artist 30 amp to Reluctant Saints’ Brian Cameron for a minute so he could check it out and get down and dirty with it. After working with it for a couple weeks, here is what he had to say about it:

“50 Shades of Blackstar”

The sleek, dark Blackstar cosmetics have always, in my mind, looked like they belonged at a Joan Jett photo shoot. A tuxedo black and white rock & roll machine to match her white and black Melody Maker. The sound – the edgy plugged straight in sound of rock & roll. But not like some of the amps we usually mention. It sounds like a Blackstar.

So I walked into this amp thinking it would be a more refined version of their HT Venue series amps. And I was wrong. Only 2 channels? And both of them essentially…. clean??

This amp featured a more traditional 3 way tone stack in one channel (including their ISF knob) and a 2 knob volume/tone *think Dr. Z* on the other. Cranking the master volume yielded some open sounding power tube distortion, and both channels sounded equally good loud and quiet.

Now…. Some amplifiers have so much range with their tone controls that you can get myriad tones out of them and subsequently get yourself in trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is no such amplifier. It is very forgiving, even at extreme settings. And it always sounds very consistently Blackstar-ish.

The two channels differ slightly, though not a lot until you add an overdrive pedal in front of them. Then they begin to really open up. The 2 channels take on completely different voices when pushed by pedals, which really helps you dial in “that” sound you look for with overdrive or distortion. Just swap channels! I liked a TS-9 in one channel and the Boss SD-1 in the other.

One could read all the reviews in the world about the effects loop. It has one. It works. It likes every pedal you throw at it!! Many amps have this feature, but what Blackstar amps have that none other have is the ISF knob. It says turn left for “American” sounds, turn right for “British” sounds.

To my ears, what this magical dial does is to shape the midrange and loosen/tighten the bottom end slightly. It won’t make it sound like a Fender vs. a Marshall. It will, however, give you 50 Shades of Blackstar…. and that in itself is a powerful tone sculpting tool, and in my opinion this amp is more responsive to the ISF than other amps from the company.

So Blackstar has reinvented themselves yet again with the Artist 30 combo. It is, as advertised, a great platform for pedals. It sounds like a grown up Blackstar. A mature and experienced version ready for sonic experiments. A Blackstar designed for an Artist.

-Brian Cameron

The Texas KGB photo shoot


Thanks to the folks from The Texas KGB for braving freezing temperatures and icy cold winds for a photo shoot with us in Marietta, Georgia on January 21st. Though the weather was frightful, we got some great pictures along with the Blackstar Artist 30 amp we’ve been playing with for a few weeks now. The band is on the road right now supporting their new album “Songs In The Key Of Pain part 1” and we’ll have more info on that soon. There are more photos on our Flickr page and you can find out more about the band here:

Moog MF Drive and MF Trem pedals Acoustic Guitar Demo

Thanks to Mikhail Petersen of Copious Jones for showing us some sounds with Moog effects pedals and an acoustic guitar at Music on Main Street in Lilburn, Georgia. Featuring a Lewitt MTP 440 DM microphone on the vocals, a Lewitt LCT 550 on the amp.


Lewitt Microphones

Music on Main Street

A Special Message for Director Richard Donner

Dear Mr. Donner, would you please consider putting Sarah Dooley’s song “Watching Goonies At My House” in the sequel Goonies 2. Surely you have many people contributing to the next movie but we think that this song is both honest in it’s affection for your work, and honors the magical emotional connection that you, the crew and cast members made with audiences in the original movie. Years later it continues to inspire many people, including Sarah and she recorded this song a few years ago, long before there was talk of a sequel. Here at RUST Magazine we think Sarah Dooley is an original and talented artist whose songs capture a similar youthful enthusiasm as Goonies and we feel that it would be a great choice for adding to the Goonies 2 music.


It’s special when one artist honors another without thought of reward. This is the case here. Sarah Dooley’s authentic enthusiasm shines through in this song and it would – in our opinion – be freakin’ awesome if she could see her name in lights as part of the sequel. Would you at least hear her out and take a listen to the song? We think you’ll love it just like we do.

Thank you!

Get in touch with Sarah here:

The Pussywillows at Ponce City Market

Thanks to all the folks involved in Sunday’s opening of the InterfaithFamily offices at the newly redeveloped Ponce City Market in Atlanta. This world-class residential, shopping and office building has been a major factor in the invigoration of Atlanta and we had the mics on when Carly and Hannah of The Pussywillows entertained the crowd. They did some new songs, a few old songs and a couple covers. We have more videos on our YouTube channel now and there will be more coming soon that was also recorded at this event.


Check out Roxanne Fontana

Hey RUST fans we are totally grooving out to a new track from Roxanne Fontana here and we wanted to share it with you… because we love you. Seriously, this track has great songwriting and an authentic groove that really stands out. Roxanne Fontana is a class act and we’re happy to help spread the word about her and her friends.


Alex Guthrie Band and Prisca one-take live at 800 East Studio

Thanks to the Alex Guthrie Band and Prisca for performing their rendition of Meghan Trainor’s song Like I’m Gonna Lose You at 800 East Studios in Atlanta Georgia. Engineered by Ben Holst and featuring a Lewitt LCT 940 microphone on Alex’s vocals, a Lewitt LCT 550 microphone on Prisca’s vocals and a pair of Lewitt MTP 440 DM microphones on Prisca’s piano. The Alex Guthrie band is Alex Guthrie, Leo Ludwig and Dave Ragsdale. Recorded on December 11, 2015.

Special thanks to: