Monthly Archives: November 2015

DM3 Public Service Announcement


Attention RUST Magazine readers, we have an important announcement about DM3’s new album West Of Anywhere. We are getting reports that this album is so hot that it’s setting speakers on fire. In some cases speakers are exploding when exposed to this over-the-top awesome record. Speaker fires caused by this album have been reported in Massachusetts, Mississippi, Saskatchewan and portions of the southwestern panhandle region. Several in California started wildfires. It’s kind of like the exploding mice in the movie Rock And Roll High School. Unfortunately, we are also hearing that insurance companies are not covering damage caused by these superheated jams.

Perhaps this power pop is too powerful for today’s technology. Perhaps this album is so groovy that listeners are turning it up too high. It’s probably that stereo systems playing it are using up so much electricity that it is exceeding the capacity of the power grid. Whatever the reason, we are advising all of our readers to buy this album AND a fire extinguisher in the same purchase. It may also be a good idea to invite some friends over to listen to West Of Anywhere so that, if your speakers do instantaneously burst into flames when you turn it up too high and dim all the light bulbs in the neighborhood that you’ll have extra people there to put out the flames. You might also ask them to bring some snacks and drinks.

So to recap, our public service announcement advice to you is to buy DM3’s new album West Of Anywhere AND a fire extinguisher, invite some of your friends over (with drinks and snacks) and then to listen to it as loud as you can. Get it here

The Devil Wears Prada at the Masquerade Atlanta


The Devil Wears Prada came to The Masquerade in Atlanta on November 5, 2015 and absolutely rocked the house, which locals will know has been scheduled for demolition. We had our man on the street Travis Blake their to capture the action, and – a usual – he came back with a killer photo of the band right in the thick of things. Check out their latest Space EP here