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Distant Cousins breaking out NOW


Attention RUST readers, we have the advance 411 on a band you’re about to hear a lot from. The band is called Distant Cousins, they’ve got a chill am-folk vibe and they just dropped their debut self-titled EP, which is breaking out right now… while you’re reading this! Their music is a snapshot of the American cultural heartbeat right now, and Hollywood has come calling in a major way. This collaboration of 3 songwriting, producing and performing cousins Ami, Dov, and Duvid have already had their music featured in the upcoming film, Daddy’s Home starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, plus the 2014 Warner Brothers’ film This Is Where I Leave You with Jason Bateman and Tina Fey, as well as placements in USA’s Graceland, CBS’s Criminal Minds and the CW’s Reign.

Distant Cousins formed in 2013 and what’s extra crazy about this band is that they were getting recognition and use requests almost from day one, years before they dropped the new collection of songs. One of their very first tracks – On My Way – was picked up by Macy’s for their Denim Nation TV ad campaign, and now that their EP has hit the streets we all get to hear what’s had so many industry insiders pouncing on them like catnip! The secret to this threesome’s success is in their pitch-perfect vocal harmony and their relaxed musical playfulness. It’s obvious that they love making music, and their EP sounds like an easy afternoon spent with family and friends.

With catchy melodies and delightful arrangements, the Distant Cousins self-titled EP is already a hit in the arts community, and their pedigree of acquaintances is enviable for artists of any age. You really should be listening to them, like right now!

Check out Three Hour Tour’s Action And Heroes


Three Hour Tour is one of those rare bands that manages to both mine a particular moment in cultural memory as well as make new and individual statements with their music. Pirating the high seas under a power pop flag, and fending off same-name trespassers (trademark your band name, kids) they’ve put out some fresh and individual music with killer hooks and an irresistible guitar-forward sound. Previous albums like Looking For Tomorrow and B Side Oblivion have presented some of the most solid pop rock tracks from any band, at any time, and they’ve managed to stay true to their core identity on Action And Heroes – all of which is admirable.

Action And Heroes sees Darren, Brad and the boys in a more relaxed and patient space, perhaps because it’s been five years since their last album came out. The focus here is on the jam and the rhyme, and their signature poppy take on music has mellowed a bit. The pressure and the energy of past albums has been stretched out, allowing for a more thorough examination of ideas and phrases. With time comes wisdom and the pacing of Action And Heroes allows for each chord and idea to resonate and really seep in, while the band keeps the same vibe and personality as their other albums. If you’re looking for a retro-fresh pop band with skills and style, Three Hour Tour is it.

Here at RUST Magazine we’ve been fans of Three Hour Tour since day one and they’re one of those bands that succeeds through hard-earned talent and individuality. If you don’t know about Three Hour Tour yet, Action And Heroes will make for a great introduction, check it out!

Check Out Mod Hippie Tomorrow Then


Mod Hippie’s debut album Tomorrow Then is a loud, fresh, rebellious reminder that there is great new music being made every day – music that should not be missed. It’s difficult for any band to stand out amidst the noise of the streaming services and doubly hard for them to compete against the bulk-purchased marketing blocks of the big labels, but the original, intense, humorous and just-plain-groovy music of Mod Hippie turns the tables on the status quo with raucous jams that DO stand out.

Covering a lot of different vibes and spaces, the evolving rabble of Doug McGuire, Connor Claxton, Teresa Cowles, Mike Schnee, Eric Negrete, Adam Marsland, Matt Zook, Gil D’Orange, Janette Neumann and Probyn Gregory have compiled an album full of original and innovative music with nods to sounds from the past. The stand-out track for us, and for which the band has put out a music video is Everyone’s High-Fiving Everyone. Whether intended as an homage to Pavement’s classic Range Life, or whether each band channeled that same moment musically, Everyone’s High-Fiving Everyone is – literally – an instant classic and could prove to be a definitive song for this moment in history, culture and music.

Don’t miss Mod Hippie’s Tomorrow Then, it’s a great, fresh album full of definitive music, we love it!

Light Deflection Monsters EP


Attention, RUST readers, we have a very, very, cool new heavy post-rock band for you to check out. They’re called Light Deflection and they just released a 3-song EP which demands to be heard because of it’s superb musicianship and admirable imagination. We’re still mentally processing much of the Post Rock that branded the movement from a few years ago, much of which came in from northern Europe, and Light Deflection has a similar intensity and focus but is more closely in the heavy jam vibe space.

Like so much of the stuff we’re hearing from France right now, there’s a dramatic style and production excellence that grabs your attention and keeps it with distinctive, well developed music. This EP has a depth and complexity well beyond it’s apparent 3 song parameters and there is a brevity to their approach that keeps you guessing throughout. Light Deflection’s new Monsters EP is a jewel of a rocker, not to be missed!