Monthly Archives: September 2015

New interview with Tyler Lee Frush

Thanks to Tyler Lee Frush for taking some time to chat us up and give us this update. Tyler has been gigging in his home town of Canton, Georgia as well as throughout the region and is currently in the studio working on new material. We’ve gotten an advance listen to this talented artists and y’all should definitely check out his authentic rock and roll style!

New video to Patsy from decker.

Hey RUST fans, we hope you had a groovy holiday weekend. To make the transition back to real life a little easier we’ve got this cool new music video for you from decker. – a very talented artist who exemplifies the best vibes of the current desert psychedelia scene. In case you haven’t heard, many amazing artists have literally gone west to forge new musical trails crisscrossing the American landscape both real and imaginary. It’s a movement, and Patsy is one of the best albums in the space. This is an artist definitely worth checking out and following.