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The Local Strangers on Tour


Hey RUST fans we just got introduced to The Local Strangers, a band we immediately fell in love with! They’ll be on a Living Room Tour from April 10th to the 25th and we’re getting the word out that this is a band not to miss. We can’t wait to hear them when they come to Atlanta on the 23rd and they have dates from the midwest to the southeast. Really, gas up the car, make the trip and check out this fantastic band!


Kevin Breit – Ernesto and Delilah


Kevin Breit holds a very special and warm place in our heart here at RUST Magazine. We’ve appreciated his amazing talents for years, and we even awarded him with 2013’s Song of the Year for King Kong Strut which was off of his second-most recent album Field Recording. Kevin Breit has been awarded, lauded and honored many, many times over and his partners in music include a lengthy list of world-famous performers. He’s a professional’s professional and with his new double album, he again validates all the accolades heaped upon him with a stellar and personal collection of music.

As a technical performer, Kevin Breit is incomparable. His chosen instrument on this collection is the mandolin, though this is just one of the many tools he has mastered. His writing style is merged with his performing technique, creating songs with innumerable small aspects of excellence all interplaying within a greater structure. There’s just so much there in his music. Each element, each note almost, has a place on it’s own, and in relation the other notes and progressions. Within the songs, different aspects come to the front, changing and growing and expanding on the ideas surrounding it. There’s a whole universe in a Kevin Breit song.

Ernesto and Delilah is doubly interesting as the second album features the beautiful and passionate voice of Rebecca Jenkins joining Kevin and balancing his intensity and speed with a woman’s patience. This collection is truly like a paired couple, interwoven and distinct. Within the music are all the nuances of romance, passion and interrelationship of two real people sharing a life together. It’s really quite amazing.

Ernesto and Delilah is a very special collection of songs that will stay fresh and relevant for years and years, constantly revealing new things to the listener. To appreciate Kevin Breit, it’s all about perspective. The note to the phrase, the phrase to the song, and now with a double album, we get yet another layer of comparison and reference. It’s been said that it’s not the notes but the space between the notes where the magic of music exists. Here, Kevin Breit has placed so many notes and ideas and feelings at so many different places that the examination of their relationships is truly an infinite challenge.

Music like this is rare, beautiful and something to be treasured. On his own Kevin Breit is amazing, and here he’s balanced here by peer who compliments him and – between the two – they have created a very special album that will stand the test of time, just like the truest of lovers.

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