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Brother Dege Road Movie

Here at RUST Magazine we’re big fans of Brother Dege, and he just dropped his new road movie featuring footage from his 2014 tour, including some clips from our session with him in Athens, Georgia. RUST shares everything we shoot with artists and we encourage them to do anything they want with it. It’s our way of supporting artists and giving back to the music community and we’re super happy to see some of our shots make the cut here. We also want to thank KOPF Percussion for their ongoing support, you’ll see one of their S-Series Snare Cajones being used in this video.



Stuff a Stocking with The Blueflowers



We loved The Blueflower’s latest album At The Edge of Disaster and it’s available as a CD, Digital and as a “real” vinyl record in their online shop. This album showcases one of America’s best contemporary bands at their peak. It’s simply superb and RUST Magazine gives it our complete recommendation. Take our advice, get the vinyl 😉

“If you’re not listening to The Blueflowers new album you are missing out on one of modern America’s truly great bands.” – RUST Magazine, Oct. 24, 2014


Check it out – Brooklynn’s new B.A.D. Music Video

Atlanta based pop soul-rocker Brooklynn just released her new music video for “B.A.D.” from her recently released debut self-titled EP, produced by Nico Constantine, who served as music director and lead guitarist for Lady Gaga’s 2009 World Tour of the Fame Ball. We’ll have more about this super-hot talent coming soon so stay tuned!

Hear the EP here:

Matthew Ryan – Boxers



Matthew Ryan is the real deal. He’s a vintage style rocker with modern sensibilities and his own signature style. With an archive of work stretching back about 15 years, his new album Boxers arrives at a critical moment for him as an artist. Boxers has the possibility of being “that” album – the one that clicks with audiences and establishes his legacy. It’s a great album, full of passion, longing, regret and inspiration.

Matthew Ryan’s real strength as an artist comes from his ability to make a personal statement with ease. His music flows – seemingly without effort. He never pushes and never pulls. His art is presented in its own space and its own gravity. Like the seasons of nature, all things in Matthew Ryan’s world come and go with their own natural rhythm. His music is that of a wisened artist fully confident in his balance.

Speaking with his own voice, he finds himself in stylistic company with people like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. There’s a down-home likeability to the music he makes, and perhaps some of that has to do with the album being recorded in Woodstock, NY at Applehead Studios with production by Kevin Salem. It could also have to do with the friends he recorded it with, and its dedication to those fighting ALS.

There’s definitely a message to Boxers, but it’s never at the forefront. You have to read between the lines and listen between the notes. It’s a message of aging and of loss. It’s also a message of resilience and hope. It’s a message coming straight from the heart and soul of a person who has dedicated his life to finding that truth and exposing it in all its pain and beauty. Matthew Ryan has traveled the paths inside his soul, both the dark and the light, and here, at the end of the journey, the tale is told through Boxers.

Boxers is, literally, a great American songbook and it’s time to recognize Matthew Ryan as a great American songwriter and musician. Timeless and powerful, Boxers delivers great, complex, inspiring rock music with a signature style. It opens the door to an endless path. It asks questions where the answer is in the asking. It’s a classic rock album from a true class act.

RUST Magazine recommends Zanzibar III Analog Prison



There’s a cool new movement happening on the rock scene right now, and it’s something you might not expect. The rock opera is making a comeback. Our Project of the Year for 2014 was an Icelandic album (and stage show – check it out here) that energized listeners with a bright, modern and inspired collection of songs all built around a fantastic imaginary story line.

The music world has been moving to a smaller and faster approach for years now, resulting in many bands releasing a song a month rather than an album a year. Contrary to this are bands like Look What I Did whose cartoonadelic over-the-top apporach to making dramatic rock music delivers a whole concept package of music and art. It’s part punk, and part sci-fi pulp fiction with a swashbuckling swagger and irreverence. It’s refreshing to see a band like Look What I Did complete an album that has so many layers and aspects to it because bands have not been attempting project like this since the golden age of albums like Tommy and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

Zanzibar III: Analog Prison is a creative cluster of concepts that deliver real substance musically and philosophically. And it’s fun. And entertaining. And maybe even something of a guilty pleasure as listeners today have not been used to taking so much time to appreciate anything for so long. The rock opera never went away, of course, but there’s definitely a thirst on behalf of listeners who want more from their music, and from artists frustrated with the tiny boxes that they are relegated to by modern circumstances.

Zanzibar III is also available in some incredibly cool limited edition multi-color LP’s with really nice album artwork. We’re really digging the sound of this album and the other big, new concept albums coming out – check it out!

January 5th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta


Showcase of the Mondays
Powered by RUST Magazine
January 5th, 2015 5:30-8:30pm
Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta

Come be a part of rock and roll history as RUST magazine films emerging artists live on stage! Originally from Milwaukee, rock-and-soul singer-songwriter Brandon-Payton-Carillo has teamed up with Jeff Brown as The Love Is Loud!! and you’ll be able to hear them perform songs from their new album, some for the very first time in front of an audeince, for our cameras. Also appearing is Atlanta’s own Bolder Monkey. We just recorded them last month in a lo-fi house session and we’re excited to have the chance to shoot them again live on stage. Thom Jenkins, Kenny Smith, Spike Brantley and Les Horn bring a cool Traffic/Hot Tuna vibe, and in between bands RUST Magazine will be playing some new music from around the world. Hosted by Atlanta’s own Sidney Travis, we’re filming this night for the history books, so be there to watch legends being born!

New video from John Pippus

The John Pippus Band is one of our favorite blues groups and they just posted this here video. We like it and wanted to share it with y’all. Seriously, John and his crew have been making some great albums for the past few years, and they just keep getting better. Check it out!