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5J Barrow – From The Dim, Sweet Light

Recently RUST Magazine featured NYC’s 5J Barrow because the word was out that they were putting on an amazing high-energy stage show, and their skills even won them WFUV’s NYC Ultimate Battle of the Boroughs. We just got our hands on their new full-length album – From The Dim, Sweet Light – and it’s clear, 5J Barrow is making things happen because they have authentic talent and an energetic, individual style.

With a violin-accentuated urban folk-rock sound and great vocals from Eryn Murman, the sextet of 5J Barrow bridges generations and cultures in a collage of creativity. Taking cues from the Greenwich scene of 50 years ago, 5J Barrow is a group that presents music that incorporates thoughts from poetry, painting, street art and classical music and melds them into songs with high aspirations and complex structures. There’s a freshness, a vibrance and a significance to what this band has to say, and they say it with an individual sound. RUST Magazine predicts that From The Dim, Sweet Light will be the album that propels 5J Barrow to the main stages of the world because they’re unique, talented and they have a natural enthusiasm for their music.


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Watch Jenna Paone’s version of Royals

Here at RUST Magazine we really like Jenna Paone. She’s got a coolness and a style we appreciate and we’re getting the word out about her today by sharing her acoustic version of Lorde’s Royals. And we have to give it up to Jenna and friends for putting it out there with a one-shot lo-budge video <3

Check it out: Blue Moon Marquee’s Lonesome Ghosts

Blue Moon Marquee - Lonesome Ghosts


The Canadian “Gypsy Blues” duo of A.W. Cardinal (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Jasmine Colette (vocals, bass, drums) have perfected a unique and enchanting live style of playing – they’re a duo that sounds like a full band. Originating from the dusty Hoodoo’s of the Alberta Rocky Mountain Badlands, A.W. and Jasmine combine a vintage blues style with a modern irreverence and intelligence into something memorable and individual. Here at RUST we really like Blue Moon Marquee!

Blue Moon Marquee toured for the first time as a band in the winter of 2012, then again in the summer of 2013 when they did a cross Canada tour that involved being part of the International Vancouver Jazz Festival. This year they were asked back, and they are currently on another self-funded 40 date tour that includes NE American dates through the end of August. The duo frequently pick up & collaborate with various players on the road, performing with as many as four other guests any given night, so make sure to catch them if they come to your neighborhood.

To date, they’ve released one other full length album of their original compositions – 2013’s Stainless steel heart – and they have just released Lonesome Ghosts to coincide with their tour. Lonesome Ghosts is a great collection of songs that bring to mind the idea of western dust, desolation and space, and it’s all done with a warm and intimate style. Lonesome Ghosts is a timeless album from an emerging duo with talent, deep skills and a gentle touch. Check them out!

Trevor Hall shares the Love in Atlanta



Trevor Hall rocked the Buckhead Theater in Atlanta, Georgia playing to a devoted crowd last night. It was a mutual love-fest with Trevor bringing his modern shamanistic style of rock to the stage with a full house of fans sending all the love right back to him. We’re big TH fans here at RUST and we really liked hearing his new songs from Chapter Of The Forest, his latest album – which is definitely worth checking out. Chapter Of The Forest sees a quieter collection of songs than on the more electrified Chasing The Flame, our favorite Trevor Hall album (mostly because it’s all recorded live) and it sees him reach a new plateau of lyrical style and beauty.

If you haven’t gotten to know Trevor Hall’s music, you’re missing out on one of the most inspired, spiritual and wise poets of our modern time. He’s authentic, natural and beautiful. We love you, Trevor!

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