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New Collector’s Psych-Rock from Greece



Hey RUST fans we just got a line on some AMAZING psych-rock coming from Giraffe Productions and Dedalos, a Greek website. These guys remind us of Russian-NYC psychedelicats Trail Records, and we’re happy to help spread the word about their limited-edition pressings. Check out this sampler video and peep the stunning colors on the vinyl. We’ll have more 411 on this group of artists coming soon so stay tuned!

More info here:

Highbeams new album One Word and interview with Ian Pendlington



Recently, one of RUST Magazine’s top secret investigative listenening secret agents messaged us about a band with a cool sound, original and stylish material, and who put on a great live show. Highbeams truly is a band of brothers, comprised of Adam Pendlington, Ian Pendlington, and Stephen Quinn, and their new album One Word is a collection of indie folk-rock with a distinctive, likeable sound.

One Word follows up their 2013 release Keeping Tomorrow in Mind, and the band has been getting a lot of love playing regionally around their Georgia home base. In fact they self-recorded the album at home and it sounds great. The guys put a lot of effort into their music and the cd is a really nice overall package. Highbeams has crisp timing, gentle instrumentation and a wide range of thematic ability – they’ve got a good thing going and they’re sharing it through their music.

Highbeams is really a good example of where the music world is at right now. You’ve got talented, dedicated people like them out there just doing it. There’s an enthusiasm to what they do that carries over into their music, and we commend them on their moxy. Check out Highbeam’s new album One Word, it’s full of fun, folky rock with a fresh sound and an authentic positivity.
RUST Magazine was curious about Highbeams and we reached out to Ian Pendlington to talk to us a little about it:

RUST: We heard about you because of your live show, what do you think you bring to the stage that’s unique and that people are responding to?

IP: People always comment on our energy when we play live, especially when there aren’t many people at a show. People really like watching you loving what you’re doing and loving the people you’re doing it with. Whenever we first started doing shows we always wanted that to come through live.

RUST: Can you tell us a little about your early times together, did you ever imagine the three of you would be putting out albums and playing on the road?

IP: When we put our first EP out I thought that was the biggest thing we would ever do. All we wanted was to have one person that was a complete stranger to us say that they were a fan. I never thought we’d be on our third independent album though, I absolutely love doing it all ourselves.

RUST: The album sounds really good, can you tell us a little about the recording process?

IP: We recorded the whole thing in our basement. We used to only do our demos down there before paying for the big pro studio version, but we eventually got good enough that we were really liking our home recordings. There was no rush to lay everything down and if a song didn’t sound good we could just start over completely. The first track on the album had at least five different versions, and then there was one or two songs that we got right on the first try somehow haha.

RUST: Do you write whole ideas and then record them, or do you discover songs more in the recording process?

IP: We always get really excited and try to record when it’s just an idea but that almost never works for us. There are certain parts of a song that you don’t think of until you record and hear it though, which is why being able to start over is so awesome. The whole rap god part on “If I Give Up” wasn’t on it until the very last version.

RUST: The three of you compliment each other and you share writing credit, what’s the vibe like when you’re crafting new music? Is it competitive or cooperative?

IP: It’s very cooperative. A lot of the time Adam brings something to me or to both of us that he can’t quite finish and then with a couple play throughs we can tell if something feels good. Some songs can seem barely there and then we all play it together and it pretty much writes itself. We all know each other really well and anticipate each other when we’re improvising in the early stages. It’s always a really good feeling.

RUST: Who are some of the people that have helped you get to where you are right now?

IP: Mum and Dad to start that off. They’ve always been behind us 100% After that it’s hard because so many people have helped us get to where we are. For one example: our friend Michelle from 45 South Café just put on a big album release party for us and did such an awesome job promoting it and named a cheeseburger after us and everything. And on top of that she’s pretty much convinced her son that we’re super heroes or something. So there’s been tons of people like that having us play for house parties or letting us open for them at a show or inviting us into their homes for a night and there are so many to thank.

RUST: Thanks Ian, last question, what’s next for Highbeams?

IP: Pretty much just playing to as many new people as we possibly can. The more we play, the better things get. We feel like we really got our sound right for this album so this is the time for us to work our hardest getting it out there. We couldn’t be happier with the response so far. We’re very excited for whatever happens next.



Check It Out: Dreaming Bull



Dreaming Bull is what happens when two life-long musicians collide in a psychedelic revival of gospel and old time blues… and it’s awesome! Collaborators Nic Capelle and Gabe Rowland, along with the help of Matt Littell, Kristen Rowland and Natalie Capelle have just released their self-titled debut full-length and it’s been getting a lot of attention and play in places like USA’s Suits, FX’s Sons of Anarchy – and our playlist.

What Nic, Gabe and the DB crew deliver is raw, jump-out-of-your-seat rock and roll. It’s stripped down, dressed back up and electri-fried. Both Nic and Gabe boast long roads behind them, so the music they make here is a coincidence of seasoned talent and hard-earned skill. Dreaming Bull rocks hard. It’s in your face. And it’s one of the rawest, best, toughest releases we’ve heard in a long time.

It’s all about individuality and style for Dreaming Bull. They’re doing it their own way and listening to that little voice inside them telling them to turn it up again and again. Tight and sharp, the band fires up like a giant machine, shaking the ground all around. This is one of those bands that simply cannot be denied first-tier status. Their music has earned them a place at the head of the table.

They say that bull riding is the most exciting 8 seconds in sports, and the eleven songs on Dreaming Bull’s debut album will shake you like riding a Brahmin on bath salts. So get a grip, hang on tight and enjoy the ride – it’s gonna be a good one!

Markey Blue – The Interview

Thanks to Ric and Markey for taking the time to talk to RUST Magazine about their new album, their busy tour schedule and being in the studio with Steve Cropper. We shot some pictures with them the night before the video and we’ve got nothin’ but love for our Markey Blue peeps!


Featured Artist of the Week: 5j Barrow

Hey RUST fans we have a crazy cool band to announce as our Featured Artist of the Week: 5j Barrow! They just won the Battle of the Boroughs and they have album release shows later this week. We’ll post info about the band and links to their music all week long so check back soon!