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Animal Years Music Video Debuts on Conan O’Brien’s blog Fresh Noise @ Team Coco

Hey RUST readers, we recently featured Animal Years on our daily blast, and we’ve had their album Sun Will Rise on our playlist pretty much non-stop ever since then. This is a really creative new rock band with a funky folky flavor and their music is fun, cool and infectiously likable.

So today we wanted to show them a little love by sharing their brand-spanking new music video to the song Forget What They’re Telling You to introduce you all to the band, their sound and their straight-up coolness. This is definitely a band to watch, and they could go all the way if enough people knew about them and – it’s official – RUST Magazine says they’ve “got it.”

What could make an Animal Years video be even more awesome? Well, Forget What They’re Telling You stars Bailey Noble from True Blood, who shows us her groovy side dancing around a dream house. It debuted on Conan O’Brien’s blog Fresh Noise @ Team Coco yesterday and we like it. A lot. Seriously, this is a super cool band, a great song and a very cool video. Check it out!


And check out the Animal Years album Sun Will Rise on iTunes:

The Trews new Music Video for What’s Fair Is Fair

Hello friends, we’ve got a fresh video for you all right now from Canadian rockers The Trews. After ten years together, multiple top-ten hits with two of their five studio albums going gold so far, they’ve just released a self-titled album and we have What’s Fair Is Fair, the new music video off of it to share with you right now. Produced by Gavin Brown and Trews guitarist John-Angus MacDonald, What’s Fair Is Fair is the first release off their new album, done with a new label – Nettwerk – which is home to bands like Passenger, Peter Murphy, Boy & Bear, Family of the Year and more.

RUST Magazine loves the jam-packed jam-ness of The Trews sound and we appreciate them for their years of hard work and accomplishment. Check out the video, and share it to help support the band!

And you can get more info on the band here:


Radio Moscow releases Magical Dirt



On June 17th, the fourth album from the triad of Anthony Meier, Paul Marrone and Stratocaster genius Parker Griggs hit the streets and you could hear the BOOM for miles. Combining 60’s psych, core metal and delta blues, Radio Moscow has somehow found amplifiers with volume knobs that go well beyond 11. This extra volume means nothing without inspiration and technical mastery, and Radio Moscow brings these, and a lot more to the studio and the stage. This is a big, bad band, dead on course with a garage-to-heaven trajectory. It’s part throwback to when people swore that the devil was in the guitar, and part flash forward to hearing the second and third generations of those core ideas being echoed and redefined at the hands of new masters.

The band just finished a long European tour and US dates are soon to be announced. RUST Magazine encourages everybody to check out Radio Moscow. They’re the real heavy-duty deal and you will not be disappointed.

AND! There are still some limited edition hand-mixed starburst vinyl pressings of Magical Dirt still available. You want one. You really, really want one.


Galvanized Souls new music video to Carry On

Galvanized Souls burst onto the scene earlier this year and we are shameless fans of the band here at RUST Magazine. They bring an amazing energy and intelligence to what they do on every level. We were perplexed and intrigued by their collection of “frankensteined” gear – which they made and remade themselves with a little help from their school machine shop – and they make a whole new sound with that gear that is pure fresh rock and roll. The songwriting is top notch and this is a band that will blow up because their talent is undeniable.

The comedian Steve Martin is credited with saying “Be so good they can’t ignore you” and Galvanized Souls embodies that philosophy in all they do. We commend them on their accomplishments and today we’re really happy to spread the word about their latest video for the song Carry On featuring bullying victim-turned internet sensation Colin Cunningham. This is a band with a real heart and a real soul… a Galvanized Soul.

Watch Now: Lonesome Shack – Wreck

Lonesome Shack goes to the very deepest roots of rock and blues on their album More Primitive. Begun in an actual shack in New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness, the trio of Ben Todd, Kristian Garrard and Luke Bergman add heavy tones and chilly elements from their Seattle home town into this collecton of new traditionals. It’s a great album (their fourth) that casts a long shadow. Superbly envisioned and painstakingly realized, it’s an intense work of focus and dedication. We’ve got a lot of respect for Lonesome Shack and we encourage people to watch the video here, check out the band and pick up the new album. It’s available on vinyl and we double encourage people to get this on vinyl. If you don’t have a record player (yet) More Primitive is so good, and so analog-a-licious, that it might be worth getting one just to listen to it in it’s purest form.

Charlie and the Foxtrots to release Golden on July 8th


In a word, Charlie and the Foxtrots fascinates us.

Originally hailing from our shared home state of Georgia, and now calling Nashville home, Charlie and the Foxtrots delivers classic folk and rural rock with an emphasis on core songwriting, and their new Golden EP showcases a great band that distinguishes itself by reflecting feelings and images from the back roads of America and the thicketed paths deep in their own minds.

All things seem in within reach for Charlie and the Foxtrots. This is a young band with a long trail already behind them and they’re in that magical state where they still have the enthusiasm to dream and the innocence to believe in the course of that dream. There is a confidence in their voices, though their knees may be shaking a little. Timid at moments, brash at others, Golden packs a lot of Charlie-ness into a little space. In addition to The Big Bad Wolf, which is really an admirable signature song, we particularly liked both Dorothy Gale and Stomp, Clap. This is a band you MUST check out, right now.

Transporting the glimmer of dwindling innocence and focusing it into their music, Charlie and the Foxtrots combines old school southern instruments with contemporary rock vibes into a very unique group sound. The songwriting is distinct and complex. Each song is a living, individual thing. Each song tells it’s own story. All the elements are in the places they should be. There’s a harmony and natural balance to their music that is truly admirable and their songs have an easy flow, like a lazy river under the southern sun.

Started in January 2013, Chas Wilson (vocals/guitar) recruited each of the ‘foxtrots’ one by one into the current line up: James Varner (drums/vocals), Matt McClure (bass), Jeremy Webster (piano/vocals), Andrew Mcpheters (banjo/mandolin/trumpet, Josh Ramos (guitar/harmonica/banjo/mandolin), and Rob Hutchison (fiddle). They recorded their Evergreen EP last year after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and now with the Golden EP, the band is poised to break out far beyond the region.

Charlie and the Foxtrots is all about great, contemporary rock music that bridges the vibes of the country and the city. Likewise it crosses the gulf of generations between the parent and the child and the spaces between individuals. Charlie and the Foxtrots builds bridges. Their music connects people because we can all relate to the wisdom of youth that dreams innocent dreams for the future. Charlie and the Foxtrots believes wholeheartedly in the music they make, though their vision of the future may, at times, be obscured by tears.

Charlie and the Foxtrots is – without a doubt – the most interesting new band we’ve heard so far this year. Not only is this a superior Americana rock band, but they’re on the vanguard of the new Southern Renaissance artists movement that is bringing a whole new generation of artists to national recognition. In this super-connected world, regions and styles are getting all mixed up and artists are making music that blends the flavors and emotions from different places into beautiful new landscapes through their music.

So take a ride with Charlie and the Foxtrots’ new Golden EP. You might ride through the country, you might ride through the city. We’re not sure where you’ll finally end up, but the journey will be well worth it. Very Highly Recommended.

More about the band here: